What is a Premium Trip?

Premium Trip is your perfect software solution for ONE group trip or a retreat, with no monthly fees!

IMPORTANT: YouLi Premium Trips only apply to Trip Pages/Sales Pages, not Trip Templates. In other words, they cannot be copied and used multiple times - they are for one-time use only.

Who is YouLi's Premium Trip for?

YouLi's Premium Trip can help you save money if you want to try our software on just one Trip (or you only run one retreat per year!) and have access to premium features, without committing to a monthly subscription.

The Premium Trip offered by YouLi unlocks:

  • A dedicated Trip Page (AKA Landing Page, AKA Booking Page, AKA Sales Page, AKA Interactive Itinerary)
    • No matter what you call it, it acts as a micro-site to empower you to market to your guests/customers and allows them to pay for the trip, event, etc.
    • With the ability to also manage your customers, YouLi is a one-stop show, where you will have everything you need in one place!😎
    • Choose your style! Premium Trip comes with 2 options to style your TRIP PAGE: Classic Trip Page style & Sales Page style (see examples below)
  • Take bookings with up to 5 payment options, including NO-FEE payment methods, like Direct Bank Transfer, Pay by Phone and more!

    • This can save you BIG TIME, since you can avoid payment processing & booking fees.

  • 1% Booking Fee on credit cards (merchant fees still apply)

  • YouLi Trip Mobile App for Travelers

  • 20 Automated Tasks, Custom Forms & Resources

  • 20 Pricing Packages 
  • 3 Co-Planners + Unlimited Trip Coordinators

  • Unlimited Travelers

  • Valid for 3 years from the date of purchase

SPECIAL BONUS: With this offer you get a complimentary 1 hour of onboarding with the YouLi Support Team (1:1 call with one of our best tech experts)!✨


Cost of a Premium Trip

  • The standard cost of a single Premium Trip is US$497.
    During the first quarter of 2023, we are offering $100 off, so you can purchase the YouLi Premium Trip right now for only $397!
  • Visit our pricing page to purchase your Premium Trip


What Does a Premium Trip Page Look Like? 

Here are a few client examples of the 2 styles of the TRIP PAGE that you can get with a Premium Trip

Classic Itinerary Page Style:

Screenshot 2023-01-18 194709
Sales Page Style: 

Screenshot 2023-01-18 175558

How do I know if my Trip is Premium?

You'll know your TRIP is a Premium Trip if you see the CROWN ICON to the right of the name of your Trip (this is not visible to Travelers)



Need more help? 

Reach out to the YouLi support team via a chat box at the bottom of your screen or submit a ticket request. If you need more advanced support, schedule a 1:1 Consulting session with one of our experts, as we will walk you through the features and best practices.