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Team Roles & Trip Planners - Collaboration

How to effectively collaborate when managing your group trips


Types of YouLi roles

  • There are many different types of roles that YouLi enables. To start, there are Team Members who are added to your ACCOUNT and also Trip Planners/Collaborators who are added to individual Trips. The access & view that each user has varies. See below for details on each type of role within YouLi.
  • All users in YouLi can also be Travelers - if the email on their YouLi account matches the email they are registered for a TRIP with, then they will see their Trips under the "MY TRAVEL" tab in their TRIP DASHBOARD.

WARNING: You cannot switch between roles once selected, so choose wisely!


Team Owner

That's probably you if you're readying this article. You can do everything in your account that your plan gives you access to, including adding Team Members.

They can manage the Business Profile (especially the Business Alias for URL), Site Settings, Team Members and Affiliates under ACCOUNT.

The Team Owner is also the Trip Owner for all trips created in their account by themselves or their Team Members.

Add User: Team Member & Team Admin

You add your Team Members (and Admins) to your ACCOUNT under TEAM MEMBERS.

There are two default user roles:

  • Team Member - gets full access to edit and view all Trips they have permission. They can view Account information for the Team Owner, but cannot edit.
  • Team Admin - gets full access to edit and view all Trips they have permission to see AND can view and EDIT the Business Profile, Site Settings, Team Members and Affiliates, just like the Team Owner.
  • Need more roles? Learn more about Custom User Roles 

When you add a Team Member, you'll need to decide if they should be the Main Contact on any trips they create and which trips they should be able to access.

  • Access All Trips or limit by Trip Tags - you can limit the access of this user to trips based on their Trip Tags or check the box to allow access to ALL trips.
    • The more tags you add, the more trips they are likely to be able to access. 
    • Watch your spelling!
  • Trip Main Contact - Trips have a single main contact, which must be one of the Planners on the Team. The Trip Owner is automatically designated as the Trip Main Contact, however, the main contact can be changed to another member of the Team (from within the "SETTINGS" tab of a TRIP PAGE).


Watch video on adding a new User to the Team

TIP: Team Admins available on PRO and above


Other Trip Planners (think Collaborators!)

Sometimes, you have people who support trip planning and who need to have access to TRIP information BUT do not need to be on every Trip or do not need access to everything a Team Member has access to. In cases like these, it's best to add collaborators as Co-Planners or Trip Coordinators.

3. Co-Planners - All Team Members are Co-Planners on all trips, but Co-Planners can be added to individual trips as well. Simply put, all Team Members are Co-Planners, but not all Co-Planners are Team Members. Co-Planners can edit TRIP PAGES, but cannot edit anything under the PRICING tab. 

4. Trip Coordinator - You will want to invite a Trip Coordinator to your TRIP when you are working with someone who needs to see all of the information across all of your Travelers but should not be able to make changes to the ITINERARY or other Trip information. Trip Coordinators are VIEW ONLY. 

Trip Page Contact - Trip Page Contact is anyone (Team Member or Other Trip Planner) who will show up as a Contact for your Travelers. Anyone listed as a Trip Page Contact will receive email updates when Travelers sign up, make payments, or complete tasks. 

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NOTE: The number of users available depends on your YouLi Plan. Be sure to check the subscriptions available to you by clicking "Upgrade" in YouLi.  For more than 5 users, reach out to learn more about our Enterprise plans. 


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