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How-to: Automate Your Cabin Allocation With Custom Deck Plans

Allow your Travelers to view and select their cabins on a Deck Plan.

Who are Custom Deck Plans for?

  • Any agent or operator who books out an entire boat or cruise and resells the cabins as part of a tour hosted on YouLi.
  • This feature means your Travelers select their cabin, so you don't have to manually allocate rooms, and Travelers have a sense of urgency to book in before their preferred room is booked out.

"The YouLi team has done an amazing job of helping streamline our business. They enhanced their platform to include our small ship deck plans allowing our guests to select their own cabin, build a profile and make payment.

Plus we can easily push tasks and optional tours out to our booked guests saving us a tremendous amount of man hours.  Not only did YouLi significantly reduce our costs they also helped increase our revenues. The Youli team has been fantastic to work with."

- Chris Parker, Preferred Travel Partners/Rockstar Adventures

YouLi offers two options to integrate a Custom Deck Plan to automate your cabin allocation

1. Fully integrated



  • Real-time allocation - let your Travelers pick their room - YouLi will ensure your cabins are not double booked
  • Rooming inventory by cabin number (not just category)
  • Filter and zoom based on the category of a room
  • Provide a custom image of any ship
  • Install once per boat and use across multiple trips & departure dates

NOTE: Per deck setup, fees apply.



Once the setup fee has been paid, open a support request with:

  • The DECK PLAN image (preferably in SVG format)
  • The TRIP on which it should be configured

Note that this can NOT be done once Travelers are already booked onto a TRIP, so be sure to request this BEFORE you launch the Trip.


2. External Integration

  • Already have a tool that displays your cabin allocation visually but you want to take bookings via YouLi?
  • We can integrate with a third party; here's an example of how it works.

NOTE: Custom Development fees apply.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many rooms can my Deck Plan have?

The limitation is really about user experience. We recommend boats with no more than 200 rooms, but we can support any number and the traveler just has to scroll.


Can I reuse my Deck Plan?

Yes! Once installed, simply copy your trip or make it a template to reuse for all your departure dates.

You may also want to leverage the Tour Series feature

If the trips are too different and you need the deck plan installed on a brand new trip, just open a support ticket with the original trip that has the deck plan and which trip you want it copied to.


How can I direct people to my website from my Deck Plan?

By default, the highlights of the trip are shown from the share trip link, but if you want to direct people to pick their cabin first, follow the instructions below.

  1. From your trip that has the deck plan configured, get the public link from SHARE TRIP LINK
  2. When adding that to your website, add this to the end of the link
    1. #roomingmap
       Remember to add this BEFORE you add any UTM tracking parameters, for example


If someone selects a room, is it held for them? 

Not until they make a payment, either the deposit or the full amount.

Registered people will see their selected cabin the next time they come back to the trip page, but if someone else has booked it in the meantime, then it will show them an error and require they pick another cabin.


Ready to get started?

Open a support request to start the conversation and see which option will work for your business.


Need more help? 

Reach out to the YouLi support team via a chat box at the bottom of your screen or submit a ticket request. If you need more advanced support, schedule a 1:1 Consulting session with one of our experts, as we will walk you through the features and best practices.