Reho Study Tours - Analyst Access

As a Reho Study Tours Analyst you'll have access to the following features for all the trips you have permission to see.

Trip Level

  • Manage People & Reports
    • Trip CRM
      • Search
      • Filter
      • Expand Rows for details
      • Access to VIEW AS
      • View TripBoard 
    • Custom Trip Reports
    • Screenshot 2023-05-30 at 4.05.21 pm

  • Manage Payments
    • Registered People
      • Search
      • Filter
      • Expand Rows for details
      • View INVOICE (hover over name in list)
      • Download payments data
        • Click to DOWNLOAD CSV for all data 
        • Or click PRINT for a Print to PDF version

Screenshot 2023-05-30 at 4.06.14 pm


The dashboard is where you can see all your trips, there will be one or two tabs depending on what you have access to:

  1. Study Trips
    • Active - trips that are in the future
    • Past - trips in the past that travelers can still access
    • Archived - travelers can no longer access these trips
  2. My Travel
    • If you are going on any of the trips as a traveler, you'll see this tab and be able to access YOUR version of the Trip


  • User Profile
    • Set your avatar
    • Set your timezone
    • etc.