How Can I Find Who Has Overdue Payments For a Specific Installment?

There may be times when YouLi's Automated Payment Reminders aren't doing the trick and you want to reach out to people individually (but efficiently!) for overdue payments. Read on for how to do that!


Is there a REPORT I can run that shows me the outstanding payments due for a certain date owed by?  For example, I have an INSTALLMENT that was due on January 13th.  I want to run a report to see who paid this Installment and who is outstanding so that I can chase them.



  • While there isn't a REPORT, you can use the FILTER on MANAGE PAYMENTS and choose "BOOKED & OWING" to find the people you need to chase.
  • Then you can click to EXPAND ALL and select those who have not paid the INSTALLMENT.
  • Then click SEND MESSAGE to send each of them a single email (which will include their MAGIC LINK, directing them to their TRIP PAGE).


See this quick 2-min screen recording for a visual walk through

FAQ - How to View Which Installments Haven't Been Paid & Send a Message - Watch Video


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