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How-to: Copy or Duplicate a Trip

Do you want to duplicate a trip & recreate it, making less work for yourself? Learn how to save time by copying your group itineraries.

How to copy a trip 

  1. Click on your avatar to open the MENU and select TRIP DASHBOARD
  2. Click the cog (round object) on the trip you want copy
  3. Click COPY
  4. Enter your "New trip name" and decide whether or not you want to bring over the people from the trip you're copying:
    • "Copy without invitees" means you just want the itinerary and settings, not the people
    • "Copy with invitees" means you want itinerary, settings AND people 

If you choose to "Copy with invitees," all of their payments, task responses and optional add-on responses will be cleared & will not show on the newly copied trip.

  5. Click "Copy"


Make a template and create a trip from it

Copying a trip is one option, but if you want to standardize the itinerary you or your team should start from each time, you can create a TEMPLATE which can be used repeatedly, to create specific instances of that itinerary with different dates and other slight changes.

We strongly recommend that once you establish what your standard tasks are, you create a "Task Template." This will allow you to build a trip with all of the tasks that you have already added, saving you time!

To make your first template:

1. In your Trip Dashboard, click on the cog from your perfect trip

2. Click "Create Template"

3. Give your TEMPLATE a name 

4. Click "Copy"

Can't find the trip you want to copy?

  • Look to see if your trip is in your PAST tab, on your TRIP DASHBOARD
  • Use the search bar to search for the trip
    Search in Archived Tab

If you still cannot find the trip you want to create a template from, it may be in either your "Past" or "Templates" tabs. Have a look there too!

Need more help?

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