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Trip Page - Landing Page, Booking Page or Sales Pages for Your Customers

Do you want to showcase your trips, process bookings and manage tasks and documents in ONE place? Introducing YouLi Trip Pages!

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What is a Trip Page?

As a trip planner, you're using the YouLi platform because you want to share your trip with your travelers in a beautiful and convenient form online.

All the work you're doing setting up a trip will result in a TRIP PAGE

NOTE: Put simply, YouLi TRIP PAGE is a single place for your Travelers to see only the information that is relevant to them. You can also think of it as a Traveler Portal. 

TRIP PAGES are generated automatically every time you update your trip and allow you to quickly create a shared experience that has personalized elements for your Travelers.

TIP: For example, you can change the description of your Day 1 itinerary and it will update on ALL of your Travelers' Trip Pages. 

If you make a TASK that is only assigned to your Australian travelers, then only they will see the changes on their Trip Pages, so your American travelers won't be bothered with information that is not relevant to them.

Here's an example of the demo Trip Page you get a copy of when you sign up.

Screenshot 2022-07-12 225717

Who can view a Trip Page?

That's up to you as the Planner. Your Trip can be PRIVATE, PUBLIC, and/or LISTED. 

  • Private - good for the invite only trips, especially if you're pre-registering people. PRIVATE TRIPS are visible only to those you invite with MAGIC LINKS
  • Public - good for getting people to register directly. PUBLIC TRIPS are visible to those you send your 'SHARE TRIP LINK'. This can be a narrow group OR this can be the whole internet if you share your Trips on social media or integrate them with your website
  • Public + Listed - good for marketing broadly. PUBLIC TRIPS are visible to anyone with the SHAR TRIP and it will appear on your SHOP (trip collection page) AND it will appear anywhere you've embedded your trips

How is a Trip Page different from a website or a landing page? 

Put simply, it's similar in many ways, but because YouLi TRIP PAGES are generated based on the information you enter into the Trip, it means you spend less time moving boxes around to get the perfect spacing, worrying about mobile-friendly versions, SEO, security, speed, etc.

Trip Pages can be copied and changed really quickly

Here are some cases where this saves you a lot of time:

  1. Synchronized Dates - You didn't make your numbers for this year, no worries, change the dates on your trip and the Trip Page is automatically updated based on the new start date. Saves you HOURS of rework if you had it as a WordPress or WIX page.
  2. Easy To Copy - You tried out a new trip this year, the itinerary was PERFECT, except for a few lessons you'll incorporate for next time. Simply copy the Trip, change the dates, change the few things on the itinerary or tasks you need, and then the Trip Page is generated with all the new information. 
  3. Brochure Mode - Testing out a new trip idea? Put it out as a BROCHURE Trip Page with approximate dates. If you get enough registrations, you can convert to SET DEPARTURE and all your Itinerary dates will be set automatically. 

Trip Pages are not just for marketing, they are also for post-booking

Most websites and landing pages are only useful to entice the initial registration. Then you need to start sending out all the pre-trip information and gathering all the information back from your Travelers.

Your TRIP PAGE is the hub that your Travelers keep going back to. It's personalized to them and accessible without a password using their MAGIC LINK.

TIP: You don't have to manage users on your website, YouLi handles all the security and personalization automatically.

How is a Trip Page different from a Registration Form? 

YouLi Trip Pages replace those old boring registration forms and create a friendly customer experience that makes travelers feel at ease knowing they don't have to fill out the 60 questions RIGHT NOW (!) before they put down their deposit. Instead, a YouLi Trip Page takes a Traveler on a journey. 

Unlike a registration form, the expectation is that people will return to their TRIP PAGE many times before the actual trip begins.

  1. Awareness - when they visit the Share Trip Link, they see only the HIGHLIGHTS, ITINERARY, and PRICING (based on TRIP SETTINGS)
  2. Interest - the registration form on the TRIP PAGE is simple. Only the essential information is gathered.
    1. Name
    2. Email
    3. Phone number (depending on Account configuration)
    4. Optional message
  3. Conversion - once a traveler is registered they are prompted to pay (if the price is finalized). They also start receiving emails based on their actions.
  4. Customer Service - once the Traveler has paid, they will be prompted to:
    1. Complete any assigned TASKS
    2. Manage anyone else in their INVITATION GROUP
    3. See who else is going (if enabled on the Trip)
    4. See all the documents they've uploaded and the Planner has provided
    5. Contact you with any questions

NOTE: If you've provided the right set of details in the ITINERARY and TASKS, then they shouldn't need to do that nearly as much as they did when you had an offline process or giant registration form.

TIP: TASKS can be assigned after the trip is over, so take advantage and prompt them to provide their feedback in the same place they are already familiar with - so they don't have to re-enter any information. 

What's the difference between 'Preview' and 'View As'?

As a Planner, you can quickly check the overall experience on the TRIP PAGE using the PREVIEW AS REGISTERED option in the header of your trip

Screenshot 2022-07-12 231621

What does the 'Preview As Registered' page show?

It shows you the Trip Page as a Traveler would see it IF:

  1. They have registered (Going on the trip)
  2. They have not yet paid 

Typically this will show you all the Trip Page MENU options you have turned on. 

NOTE: You cannot submit any of the forms in the PREVIEW mode, it is just for checking how it looks. To make changes on behalf of a Traveler, use the VIEW AS option.

What does 'View As' do?

Throughout your Trip, but in particular, under MANAGE PEOPLE, you will see the names of your Travelers.  When you hover over them, you'll see the option to VIEW AS. 


Click that to open a new tab where you see exactly what that Traveler will see. In the beginning, these will be very similar. But as the Traveler moves through their pre-trip journey, you will find you need to use this to see:

  1. What TASKS  have they completed?
  2. How do they see the PAYMENTS they have made?
  3. Are they seeing the DOCUMENTS provided to them?
  4. How do they switch between members in their INVITATION GROUP?

Need more help?

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