Get Started: Add a Person To a Public, Private or Authenticated Trip

 YouLi Trip Pages can present different versions of the same Itinerary. You can use YouLi for static Itineraries, but it can do far more once you take advantage of things like: Optional Items, Personalized Price, Invitation Groups, and Tasks.

TIP: We recommend you start out by learning more about the various Registration Statuses in YouLi before beginning to add and invite people. When you add people, they are added with one of these Registration Statuses, so it's good to be familiar with them.

There are three ways to add people

  1. A Planner can add people individually - a great option if you have a PRIVATE or PUBLIC TRIP 
    2. Fill out the FIRST NAME and EMAIL at minimum (so that you can send the invite)
  2. A Planner can bulk upload people - helpful if you have a list of people you know you want to invite!
    1. When the trip is AUTHENTICATED, they are added as 'Approved'
      1. They will be forced to login once you sent them their invitations
    2. Otherwise they are added as 'Invited'
      1. They will be prompted to accept or decline the trip invitation
      2. OR: you can change them to 'Registered' from the TripCRM
  3. The Traveler registers themselves directly on a PUBLIC TRIP
    1. When this happens, that person will show up in your TRIP CRM under MANAGE PEOPLE & REPORTS

CAUTION: You'll need to explicitly invite people once you've added them, so they get their Magic Link. 


Need more help?

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