Why Do I Hit My Limit For Tasks When I Haven't Used Them All?

The Tasks that are in the trash also count toward your total. Don't worry - you can restore and edit them to avoid hitting your cap!

How do I check to see if I have trashed Tasks that I'm able to restore/reuse?

  • If you cannot access the full amount of TASKS included in your YouLi plan, make sure that your trashed Tasks are visible and edit those Tasks.

  • See below. Use the FILTER, within MANAGE TASKS and filter by "TRASH" to restore your TASK and ensure it's visible.👇

TIP: You can edit a task without responses and change it to be any other type of task you need! Easy!


Why can't I add a Profile & Registration Form?

If you have maxed out your tasks (including those in the Trash as noted above) then you won't be able to make a new task, which is required to create a Profile & Registration form.

This is because you cannot convert an existing task to a Profile & Registration Form task.

Upgrade to unlock more tasks!


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