Why Am I Seeing An "Incomplete" Transaction In Stripe?

Don't worry! It's not as bad as it sounds. Read on for the question & answer.


I've logged into Stripe and noticed an "Incomplete" transaction (see image). Is this some type of failure between Youli and Stripe? 
Stripe Incomplete transactions[10] copy


Stripe makes YouLi create "intents" when the user (your Traveler) opens the PAY NOW popup. So if they do not complete that transaction and actually pay, it is "Incomplete," as far as Stripe is concerned. 

So you can mostly ignore those (unless you want to use this as a way to reach out to ask if they are having issues with their credit/debit card).

WARNING: The only time to be concerned is if you see in YouLi a payment "In Progress" and it is "Incomplete" or "Failed" in Stripe. That is rare, and you can open a Support Request ticket if that happens.




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