When Will The Bookings I Receive In YouLi, Via Stripe, Show In My Bank Account?

If you use Stripe to accept credit card payments in YouLi, this is a common wondering! When will I receive my money for credit card bookings?

Where should I look to see my balance of money I'll be receiving for bookings?

You should see what you need under "Balance" in Stripe, which you can view here: https://dashboard.stripe.com/balance/overview

What should my balance in Stripe show?

It will show you your balance and when you should see it settle into your bank. 

NOTE: Click on the links in the dashboard there to learn more and open a request with Stripe if you need any specific help there. 

And how long does it typically take, to see the money in my bank account?
Usually, the balance will settle in your account starting at 7 days and eventually it starts settling after 3 days. Sometimes you can even "settle immediately!" Check to see which options Stripe gives you.

What if I am not seeing the payouts I expect?

You control the timing of your payouts to your bank account, but Stripe might adjust these based on activity in your account. This can be faster once you build a reputation or it can be paused due to fraudulent activity.

Contact Stripe directly for assistance.

Look for the "Contact support" link to open the chat - sometimes it can be hard to find!


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