What Will Happen If I Change The Price Of A Package After People Have Booked?

Things change, including prices! So what happens if you change the price of one of your Packages? It's an important detail you don't want to miss!


I have a tour in which the price point has decreased since the initial bookings were made. If I change the price of the PACKAGE from $2,000 to $1,800, how will this change affect Travelers who have already booked this Package?



  • Any changes you make to a PACKAGE (whether you increase the price or decrease it) will update the Package for all Travelers who have already selected the Package.
  • So, if you want the change to apply to people already booked, change the current price on that specific Package.
  • But if you want those already booked to pay the original price, and new people to pay the new price, you should create a new Package and hide the original one.


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