Stripe Local Payment Methods - ACH, Direct Debit, Wallets, Buy Now, Pay Later, Apple Pay, Google Pay

YouLi connects to Stripe. We do NOT hold your money. We connect to YOUR Stripe account, which means we can support most of the methods including many local payment options.

Looking to setup Apple Pay? Follow these easy steps


Ready to enable more payment options for your clients via Stripe?

Once enabled, it will look something like this when they click the PAY NOW button on their YouLi Invoice or Checkout.

WARNING: If you have set a Surcharge on your Trip, it will charge on any Stripe payment methods that you set up. It's a Stripe Surcharge, not a credit card Surcharge.


Example: Charging in USD with 5 methods

In the screenshot below, you can see 5 methods available via Stripe. But you don't have to have all these - in fact, we recommend you only enable one or two!

  • Credit Card
  • Afterpay
  • US bank account (ACH)
  • Google Pay (wallet)
  • Affirm (hiding at the end)


DON'T FORGET: Be sure to adjust the prompt to indicate which payment methods you're enabling. Learn how

YouLi Pre-requisite

  • Billing address must be collected to enable other payment methods via Stripe besides Credit Card.
    • You can tell this isn't enabled if you see this when clicking PAY NOW on your trip pages (note the lack of billing address fields)
  • Click to ACCOUNT -> PAYMENTS
  • Check the box next to "Require billing address for Stripe payment"

    • Once complete it will look like this: 


Here are the ones we have verified ...

We have confirmed support for the following methods. If you're interested in one we haven't mentioned, let us know and we'll see if we can support it.

CAUTION: We do not necessarily advise the use of any of these payment methods - if you choose to use a buy now, pay later option or other payment provider, you will be bound by their terms. It is your responsibility to ensure those are acceptable before requesting the option via YouLi.

Afterpay (Buy Now, Pay Later), aka Clearpay

  • Supported countries:

US-Based Stripe Account Only:

NOTE: Sorry y'all, accepting USD is not the same as having a US Stripe account. You have to have a US company to set up a US Stripe account and accept ACH and other US only payment methods.


Europe Stripe Account

  • iDEAL
  • Sofort
  • and more - check what options you have in your Stripe account

AU-Based Stripe Account Only

NZ-Based Stripe Account

  • Explore Stripe Supported Payment Methods
    • NOT all these have been verified, but we are happy to enable to see if they will work locally for you
  • and more - check what options you have in your Stripe account

NOTE: These payment methods do incur:


Basic Onboarding - in 3 Steps

NOTE: After you follow these steps, this may take some time to show up for you. If it’s still not showing up for you after 24 hours, open a Support Ticket and we’ll see what is visible on our end.

We may need to have to check with Stripe - sometimes they need extra info for other payment methods.


These features can be enabled via Stripe without an onboarding call with YouLi, just follow these 3 steps:

  1. STRIPE: You need to enable the payment method on your Stripe Dashboard
    1. We recommend recording this process with Loom or another tool to share with YouLi support in case of issues.
    2. Choose "YouLi Configuration" from the drop-down as shown below. Pick the configuration you want to start from. Pick "Default" if you're not sure.
      1. Screenshot 2024-05-13 at 10.09.40 PM
    3. Click the [TURN ON] button on the right near the method you want

      1. Example:
    4. Follow the prompts to complete the necessary information
    5. Click "Turn on anyway" if prompted about Webhooks (that's what YouLi does for you!)
    6. Confirm it is now ON!
  2. YOULI: You MUST require billing address on Stripe payments
  3. TEST: Create a test trip in YouLi with an amount due larger than 100
    1. Add a test person as REGISTERED
    2. Click to their INVOICE and choose "Credit Card" and PAY NOW
    3. Confirm the payment option you have enabled appears in the popup
      1. Watch this video to see how to confirm it's working:

PAID ONBOARDING: If you're struggling to get this to work, simply book in an onboarding call for US$80. And we will work with you to get it sorted between us and Stripe.


Basic Off-boarding (turn it off)

Follow the directions above to turn it on, and expand the payment to find the [TURN OFF] button

Click that and follow any instructions.

✅ It will be OFF when the button that shows is [TURN ON]

This will remove the option from your Trip Page


WARNING: Some of these methods appear "magically" based on a lot of things being just right - because Stripe is being smart and only showing the options that will work for that transaction for that person at that time. 

This is GREAT when it works, and very annoying when it doesn't :D

So if you don't see it in the payment popup, it's probably because of one or a few of these reasons:

  1. YOULI+STRIPE: You don't have Stripe connected to YouLi - connect Stripe
  2. STRIPE: You need to enable the payment method on your Stripe Dashboard
  3. STRIPE: You haven't verified required info after enabling the option - go to your dashboard to see what is required.
  4. YOULI: You MUST require billing address on payment
  5. YOULI TRIP: The payment amount is over the maximum or under the minimum
    • See links above for details on different methods which includes their min and max amounts
  6. TRAVELER: The device you are on does not support it (usually for wallets like Google Pay, Alipay)
  7. TRAVELER: The country they are in doesn't support the payment method
    1. Check Stripe to see which methods are supported in your country

  8. YOULI TRIP: The currency you're charging in does not support the method you want to use
    1. Check Stripe to see which currencies are supported in your country
  9. Wait - sometimes new methods take time to flow through to YouLi, if you have confirmed everything above, then check back tomorrow

Need More Help?

Stripe has extensive documentation on supported payment methods that we strongly recommend you take advantage of. Many of the issues you might have can be resolved by the Stripe team.

You can contact us to book in a consulting call if you want to understand your Stripe payment options in more detail or need help troubleshooting.

Watch this webinar we did to understand payment methods and how to lower your transaction fees:


Need more help?

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