Source Tracking - Know where your leads come from

YouLi automatically tracks the original source of your leads. You can control how accurate this is by providing source tracking parameters.

Know how Travelers found you

YouLi tracks the (original) source of registrations & bookings on your Trip Page.

We record the first source whether it is Facebook, email, your website, a marketplace, etc. We  attribute the registration to that source if they register within 30 days of their first visit.

Make source tracking more accurate - use "UTM" parameters

If you don't already use utm_medium/utm_source/utm_campaign (Urchin Tracking Module) parameters in your social and email campaigns, we strongly recommend you start.

These parameter values will now be saved in YouLi when a traveler registers so you can see which sources, mediums and campaigns are driving the MOST registrations on your trips (mid funnel).

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These Tracking Values will now be included in your exports from Manage People and Manage Payments:

  • Medium
  • Source
  • Campaign
  • Referring URL
  • Referring Domain

Where can I see this?

On the TripBoard

Also included in your exports from the Trip CRM and in the data sent via Zapier/Webhooks.

Sources & Mediums & Campaigns

View the whole funnel in Google Analytics

Get a view of your funnel before they register: If you haven't linked your google analytics account to your YouLi account yet, be sure to do it now!

Once your analytics is enabled, request ecommerce tracking to see end-to-end funnel reports from page views to bookings.

Want more advanced CRM/Analytics tracking or chat embedded on your Trip Pages? 

Upgrade to VENTURE to get a white-label domain and add advanced tracking and chat widgets onto your Trip Pages.