New Features - Release 1.140 - Take more control with Site Settings & Webhooks

You're growing, so you need more control. Take advantage of a new webhook for task responses and more site settings features, like Booking Redirect for Ad Tracking and SHOW COMPLETED default on tasks.

Do you do Facebook/Google Ads? You NEED this ...

This feature is in response to the call from Chris Torres at TMA to overcome the challenges faced by smaller operators who lose tracking by using a booking platform like YouLi.

We'll be doing a Webinar with Chris Torres of Tourism Marketing Agency to learn more about why this feature matters. REGISTER to participate in a LIVE discussion (November 9, 12 pm PST) and receive the recording.

Configure this feature NOW in YouLi 

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👻 🤩Trick or Treat? New Help Experience

What a Treat! Seems like y'all are getting into the new chat groove.

We are getting tons of engagement in our new HubSpot powered support system. Not only for support questions but also for product enhancements, feature requests, and a few bugs here and there.

You'll see below that we're working through a number of requests and fixes. Keep the requests coming and keep reading our updates to see when they go live!

Haven't tried it yet? Look for this widget:

DID YOU KNOW? Your chat stays with you, so if you come back to it the next day, you can continue where you left off. Handy, eh?


📽 Tutorial Video Links Changed

We are improving our support by linking to our help articles with our tutorials rather than embedding videos directly. This means you'll get more up-to-date documentation at your fingertips. Look for the new image that tells you there's a tutorial to watch.



☑️ More Site Settings

You can now control a few more things from ACCOUNT -> SITE SETTINGS

  1. Require email for INVITATION GROUP members
    • NEW - If you need an email address for ALL members of the group on registration/booking
    • RECENTLY ADDED - Require Last Name
    • RECENTLY ADDED - Require Phone Number
  2. Default to SHOW COMPLETED for Tasks
    • Don't like tasks to disappear when people complete them? Keep them shown by default by checking this box
  3. Booking Redirect URL - for Improved Ad Tracking
    • Redirect a booking to a "thank you" page on your website to improve paid ad conversions

☑️ Task Response Webhook

For those of you with Devs on hand to build a custom integration, like Solo Female Travelers, you can build your own traveler portal using our APIs - including the new Task Response webhook so you know when any new information is provided.

Zapier integration coming soon!

☑️ Task experience improvements

COMPLETE NOW link -> OPEN button

Before - there was just a little "COMPLETE NOW" hiding below your instructions, which got lost under images and bold content.

After - we changed the style to be the same as the button in the popup: "OPEN"

Why "OPEN?"

We received feedback from event attendees that they were worried that clicking COMPLETE would close the task, so OPEN seems like a clearer way to indicate the task must be opened and then it can be completed.

📧 Spam reduction on Website Contact Form

PRO+ Website clients and YouLi Web clients should now see a significant reduction in spam emails after we closed a few gaps and made it that much harder for the bots to get through.

Enable/Disable Deck Plans/Rooming Maps

Did you know that you can have a Rooming Map installed, for your hotel, B&B or cruise ship?

If your trip Settings look like this, then you don't have a Rooming Map installed. But you can! Start a conversation with us to find out more. 

Check out this example to see it in action: River Empress Deck Plan

If you DO have a map installed, you can now update your TRIP PAGE MENU and enable/disable the display of the map and see which map has been installed on your trip.

IN FUTURE: You will be able to change the map associated with your trip. For now, please continue to open a ticket to request a change.

Bug Fixes & Enhancements

  • VENTURE is now available for direct upgrade in the platform - Book a call with sales to learn more
  • FIXED: Payments made with COUPONS and opted into Refundable Bookings will no longer generate errors
  • IMPROVED: Removed the "mini-bio" from the top of the page - we know our own bios, so why show it? And more importantly, we have changes in profiles coming your way, which means this information will be visible in another area.




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