New Features - Release 1.143 - More Stripe Payment Options - ACH, Direct Debit, & Buy Now, Pay Later

YouLi does NOT hold your money, we connect to YOUR Stripe account, which means we can support many of the methods that Stripe makes available in your country...

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πŸ’° Stripe ONLY: Ready to take ACH (USD), BECS (AUD) or Buy Now, Pay Later?


YouLi connects to Stripe for most of our clients' traveler credit card transactions. When you have Stripe connected, we connect to YOUR Stripe account, which means we can support many of the methods that Stripe makes available in your country, explore those here.

In this update we have confirmed support for the following methods. If you're interested in one we haven't mentioned, let us know and we'll see if we can support it.

Here are the ones we have verified ...

CAUTION: We do not necessarily advise the use of any of these payment methods - if you choose to use a buy now, pay later option or other payment provider, you will be bound by their terms. It is your responsibility to ensure those are acceptable before requesting the option via YouLi.

Afterpay (Buy Now, Pay Later), aka Clearpay

US Based Stripe Account Only

AU Based Stripe Account Only

πŸ’³ Need to block pending payments on Deposit? 

We've heard this from many clients - they want immediate payment via Credit Card to secure the spot, and THEN offer alternative payment methods that may take longer or be delayed later payments.

Now you can request this to be enabled for your account.

  • This effectively REQUIRES "credit card" payment for the deposit (first payment)
  • Then the other enabled payment options are shown after that on the Trip Page invoice

TIP 1: Works with both Register to Pay and Checkout Flow

TIP 2: If you enable other payment methods via Stripe (as above) - these will also be allowed using this feature - since they immediately verify payment has been received

πŸ“œ Scroll to section on Sales Page

πŸ‘†get it, it's as scroll!

If you use the Sales Page Trip Page Style you'll be happy to know that we auto-scroll to the changed content when the menu on the top is clicked.

Thanks to Nick, Sam and Jennifer for suggesting this improvement

Not sure how to enable Sales Page style?

If you have paid for the add-on:

Click to ACCOUNT -> SITE SETTINGS and scroll to Trip Page Style to change:

If you haven't taken the Wanderlust Entrepreneur course yet, check it out!

πŸ‘€ MISS THIS? "Custom Payments", "Partial Payments", Call it what you like!

We call it "Chip Away" but you don't have to for your travelers!

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    Bug Fixes & Enhancements

    • Business Profile phone number will now show the + country code properly on Community Profiles
    • Fix a corner case where members of an invitation group who have a $0 base price + an add-on were not considered "Booked" (thanks to Sam for reporting)
    • Added currencies:
      • SGD
      • AED