New Features - Release 1.142 - Chip Away Payments

Need to give more flexibility in your payment plans? Enable Chip Away payments per booking or across your account.


👀 Looking for "Custom Payments"? Start looking for "Chip Away Payments"

We have now decided to call it "Chip Away" and we have released the first version this week!

WARNING: Chip Away option only applies to booked people - so it will not appear on Checkout Flow or on the invoice BEFORE the person has made their first payment.

If you are part of the early adopters from the Facebook Group, you'll see a new checkbox on the TripBoard under PAYMENTS

  • Simply check/uncheck the checkbox to turn on/off for the selected invitation group/person.
  • When "Allow Chip Away" is checked, the invoice will show an extra option to "Pay agreed chip away amount". 

Early Release - Limited Time: Contact us and we'll enable for you 

Be sure to consider the options below and provide your preferences in the ticket

Configuration options

  • Invoice prompt defaults to "Pay agreed chip away amount", but can be changed at account level
  • Minimum amount: defaults to $10, but can be changed at account level
  • On for all bookings (set at account level) OR only on for individual bookings (set on TripBoard)
REMEMBER: If the chip away minimum is greater than what the person owes, the chip away method is not an option on the invoice, they just need to Pay in Full

🏁 Checkout Flow - E-commerce style booking process

WINNING: Merry Christmas, check under your tree to see if you got access...

  • Do you get too many drop-offs between registration and payment?
  • Not enough time to chase them?
  • Switch to CHECKOUT FLOW (instead of the default REGISTER TO PAY) and only get registrations when they are BOOKED!

checkout flow example

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MISS THIS? 👈👉You Can Customize Registrations Forms

We are improving the way that PROFILES are created and displayed for Planners and Travelers

  • Do you need customizable profiles and registration forms? Contact us.
  • Part of this new feature now includes the option to display the full Profiles - not just the names and mini-bios.

Bug Fixes & Enhancements
  • Use Checkout Flow? We fixed a bug when package names were too long for the iPhone safari mobile browser that blocked payment
  • Use tables in your payment descriptions? We fixed a bug when a table was too wide on mobile and blocked payment on the trip page.
  • Fixed the search/filter on Community for special characters like "&"