New Features - Release 1.141 - Set a Max on your Add-Ons and Optional Itinerary Items + Search the TTC Directory + Paste with Formatting

You're growing - so we are giving you better tools to manage your demand, find members of your community, and retain formatting in your description copy+paste

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πŸ” Securing your data - requiring more frequent login (authentication)

You might have noticed you were logged out of YouLi today. Not to worry - that's all part of our effort to improve the security of YouLi.

I know we always hear about "data breaches" and it's hard to know if you are "safe". That's why you partner with platforms like YouLi. We spend time thinking about your data security.

As part of a recent review, we decided to reduce the duration of your login token - that also means we had to log everyone off today. This means that you'll have to log in each day (whereas before you might have noticed you were only prompted to log in every few weeks).

Why does this matter?

This means that if you leave your laptop logged into YouLi somewhere (maybe some awesome cafe in Bali) and someone steals it, they will be FAR less likely to be able to get into your YouLi account and therefore be able to steal your customer data.

To further protect the security of your account, we recommend a password keeper, like LastPass or 1Password or Apple Keychain.

This is just ONE step we are taking

You'll see more security features rolling out in the coming months, including two factor authentication (2FA). If you have questions about how we secure your data, be sure to Read More and contact our team if you need more detailed information.

🀩 Search & Filter your Community to find the best partners

We are so proud of our partner, Transformational Travel Council (TTC), their membership is growing, so as the tech powering their community, we've released new features for our COMMUNITY product to make it easier to find the right partners.

These search and filter options are available in:

allyship search screenshot

Watch a video showing how to maximize this feature.

β˜‘οΈ Maximum capacity on optional + add-ons πŸ™Œ

Wow, this has suddenly become the most requested feature. Thanks to Rockstar Adventures for helping us get this feature right (and delivered before the end of the year!).

In the screenshot below, we show three cases:

  • Typer 1: "POOL ACCESS": Add-on with NO maximum - shows how many people have responded YES
  • Type 2: "WATERMELON FESTIVAL": Add-on with a maximum that is FULL - shows that it is full 
    • Planners & Travelers see that the item is FULL
  • Type 3: "DURIAN LOVER": Add-on with a maximum that is NOT full - shows how many have said YES out of the max (5, in this case)

Ready to enable your add-ons with a maximum capacity?  

  1. Enter into your TRIP PAGE
  3. Click to ADD or EDIT an item
  4. Scroll to ITEM PRICE
  5. Switch to MAKE OPTIONAL
  6. βœ… UNCHECK the "UNLIMITED" box
  7. Enter your maximum capacity
  8. Click SAVE!
  9. Log off and have confidence that you're add-on WON'T be oversold!✌️

TIP: Use the maximum together with the "register before" date so that once that date passes, travelers cannot remove the item from their itinerary.

You can always move that date once the item is full to ensure people can't cancel via Trip Page once they have selected it.

πŸ†’ Paste with Formatting

Who doesn't love COPY & PASTE! Best feature on a computer, I say!

Now you can copy and paste your formatted content from your rich text description boxes on YouLi 

  • From Word or other websites
  • Anywhere you have a rich text input box, just COPY and then PASTE

πŸ‘ˆπŸ‘‰Profile Fields on the Left on TripBoard

We are improving the way that PROFILES are created and displayed for Planners and Travelers. This update, we moved all "Profile" fields to the left on the TripBoard and everything else to the right

  • Only profile fields that have been completed will appear
    • In this example, there are a bunch of customized fields like "Country" that are not part of the standard profile. This is part of a new feature we are testing with select clients.
    • Do you need customizable profiles and registration forms? Contact us.
  • Fields on the right include source tracking, package selection, etc


πŸ‘€ Looking for the feature we called "Custom Payments"? Start looking forward to "Chip Away Payments"

Bug Fixes & Enhancements

  • Use Checkout Flow? Now your booking confirmations will include your per Trip configured "message entered after registration" that you set up under Trip -> Update Trip -> Settings
  • BUG FIXED: Affiliate report generated error for travelers copied between trips
  • BUG FIXED: Headers and Instructions for custom forms no longer show on Task Responses - thanks to CompassionUK for reporting
  • BUG FIXED: Incorrect data being pulled into Custom Trip Reports
  • Be more efficient: Search for Tour Series and Trip Short Name from the Dashboard
  • BUG FIXED: Document - share document link popup - link was missing
  • Glass half full: We changed "NO" to "No Response" on optional items. It's not that they have said "NO" it's just that they haven't said "YES" yet! Learn More about managing optional item responses

  • BUG FIXED: The hover over label for the menu items was showing as YouLi branding. In this example "ITINERARY" was showing as YouLi brand color, now shows in yours, even if you have chosen unfortunate colors like our example (no judgment πŸ˜†).  


Did you miss our live Webinar? That's ok, catch it on REPLAY

This feature is in response to the call from Chris Torres at TMA to overcome the challenges faced by smaller operators who lose tracking by using a booking platform like YouLi.

We'll be doing a Webinar with Chris Torres of Tourism Marketing Agency to learn more about why this feature matters. REGISTER to watch the replay.

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