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Meeting Blocks - Allow event attendees to request and schedule meetings with each other

This events feature is perfect to allow your guests to arrange to meet with each other at your event or conference

PLANS: Enterprise only + currently in Beta - contact Sales for access

A few screenshots to demonstrate the Meeting Block feature

As a planner, you'll be able to create an Itinerary Item that is a "Meeting Block" and set these values:

  • Start & End Time
  • Meeting slot duration
  • Transition duration

YouLi will generate the necessary meeting slots to meet those requirements.

Once published, on the itinerary listing, you'll be able to see how many people have booked how many meeting slots on that Meeting Block.

On the Trip Page, your attendees will be able to see which slots are available and which are booked by whom. They will also be able to request and confirm meetings on the profiles for other attendees. Once scheduled, attendees can edit/cancel or reschedule.

MicrosoftTeams-image (4)


In order to book a meeting, attendees must:

  • have status = REGISTERED 

  • have a visible profile

  • be allowed to see the Meeting Block item

Restricting based on Category

If you are also using the Category feature, then attendees can ONLY book a meeting with someone in ANOTHER category.