Does YouLi Have a Task List That Our Team Can Use Internally For Items Our Staff Needs to Complete For The Trip?

Yes, YouLi can support your team's to-do items, based on Trip activity, using Zapier (or even more simply than that!). Read on, to boost your team's efficiency even more!

YouLi gives you 2 options, depending on the complexity needed

Option No. 1 - Use Task Visibility in YouLi 

  • For a super simple TASK assignment, which is good to be assigned to a TRIP overall and is not based on specific activity, you can assign a Task within YouLi to your team (by adding in those individuals or just 1 or 2 people), using TASK VISIBILITY and hiding it from everyone except your Team Members or Co-Planners who should see that Task.
  • These will need to be due on a specific date
  • Since these will eat away at your TASK allotment in YouLi, this could be good for a few quick tasks, but likely isn't your best option if you have a load of Tasks, since you'll want those for your Travelers!
  • Examples of these types of TASKS
    • Contact the Activities Director to report the amount of seats we need on the boat
    • Email the rooming spreadsheet to a cruise line

Option No. 2 - Use Zapier to connect a to-do list platform to YouLi

  • For a more complex setup that allows you more options, you can use Zapier to connect YouLi to Asana or Todoist (or any to-do list platform which is supported by Zapier + YouLi) and automatically create TASKS for your team based on activity on your TRIP.
  • Examples of these types of TASKS
    • When a new registration is added in YouLi, assign a task to Lara to review their PROFILE and 
    • When someone is fully paid, assign a task to Rodrigo to give them a call and welcome them to the trip


If you're ready to try out Zapier, here are some resources to get you started!

TIP: We offer personalized 1:1 Zapier consults, if you have specific content you need to pass through from YouLi into your CRM or vice versa, purchase a 1-hour consult and we will seamlessly integrate your platforms on the call. 


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