How-to: Transfer a traveler to another trip

When people change their mind and want to rebook on another trip or you had to cancel the trip, don't refund them, just transfer them!

Avoid refunds, just transfer them!

Use this feature when your customer needs to be rebooked on another trip, there can be many reasons for this:

  • You had to cancel a trip and need to move people to another one
  • They have requested to change their dates to another departure (or private one)
  • There's an incident in the destination and some travelers don't feel safe, so you are giving them to the option to rebook another date or destination to avoid a cancellation

🔄 Transfer from the TripBoard to another Trip

Keep an eye out for this icon on your Traveler TripBoards:


Find it along the top on the right hand side:


🔄 Transfer Explainer Video


What does it mean to "Transfer" someone?

It's not exactly a move, and it's not exactly a copy, it's a little bit of both. 

  • A copy will remain on the current trip with “TRANSFERRED” status
  • A new Profile with current Registration Status will be added to the selected Trip
  • Package will matched on name
    • If not matched, a "Transferred” package will be created
  • Add-ons & Optional Items are NOT copied - they will remain on the old trip
  • Task & Form responses  copied
  • Personal documents are moved
  • Payments, Refunds, Credits, Coupons and Allocations are moved

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Transferred State

When a Traveler is in the Transferred state:

  • They will see a message directing them to the new trip if they use their old magic link
  • They will NOT receive reminders from the old trip
    • Their status on the new trip determines if they get reminders on the new trip (if Registered or Booked)
  • Planners cannot use the VIEW AS or get Magic Link feature for those Travelers

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