How-to: Show a Traveler as Booked Before They Make a Payment

A Traveler will not hold a spot on your trip until they are Booked. Follow the steps below to see how to mark a Traveler as Booked before they make a payment.


Why should I set a Traveler's status as Booked before they make a payment?


Travelers will not take up any itinerary space until they are BOOKED. This means a Traveler could lose their space on the TRIP if the space fills unless they make a payment. Here are some reasons you may want to make them as BOOKED before getting their deposit:

  • You have spoken to the Traveler over the phone and know they will be making their payment soon, but your trip is at risk of selling out.
  • You have decided to give your Traveler extra time to make their payment and want to make sure they do not lose their space.
  • You are expecting payment soon but need to print a report for inventory management.


How Do I set the Traveler's status as Booked before they Pay?


By recording a payment of $0, you are locking the Traveler into their booking but not affecting their total invoice cost.




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