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Get Started: Set Your Trip Privacy

Who should have access to your Trip? Set the Trip Privacy so it is visible to the right people.

Which option is right for you? Read on to find out.

This section is referring to the TRIP PRIVACY field, which is found from the TRIP MENU > UPDATE TRIP > OVERVIEW

Is your Trip Private?

  • If your TRIP is for a dedicated group and you don't want just anyone to be able to register, set the TRIP PRIVACY as "PRIVATE"
  • When a TRIP is PRIVATE, only the people shown under MANAGE PEOPLE & REPORTS tab can view the TRIP PAGE using their MAGIC LINK
  • So the Planner will need to add them either one at a time or using BULK UPLOADYou can manually add a Traveler by going to MANAGE PEOPLE & REPORTS and then selecting the ADD PERSON button.

CAUTION: You'll need to explicitly invite people once you've added them, so they get their Magic Link. 

  • Choose this option for a PRIVATE TRIP
    Screenshot 2022-11-29 at 2.08.36 PM

    Is your Trip semi-Private?

  • If you have a specific group who should be allowed to register, but you don't want to register them yourself, you can walk through these steps to set the TRIP as PUBLIC, but not list it/embed it on your website

WARNING: This option should only be used if you don't mind that anyone with the TRIP SHARE LINK can view your TRIP PAGE.

This is similar to the way that "Unlisted" works on YouTube or "Anyone with this link can view this document" on file sharing sites, like Google Docs. If someone gets a hold of that link, they can view and register for your TRIP.

  •  Choose this option for a SEMI-PRIVATE TRIP

Screenshot 2022-11-29 at 2.28.27 PM


Is your Trip open to anyone and you'd like to share it on your website?

  • If you're publicly advertising your TRIP, then you want to make it a PUBLIC TRIP and also check the box that says "Listed on PRO + Website or a website with embed code"
  • Selecting this option will make your TRIP publicly available and more visible and means that one of these scenarios will apply
  1. The TRIP will appear on your YouLi website (included with the PRO + Website plan)


  2. If you have your own website and have embedded your TRIP PAGES using the embed code, it will appear on your website

CAUTION: Only Trips in the future are shown; they are automatically removed from your website when the start date passes. 

  •  Choose this option for a PUBLIC & LISTED TRIP

Screenshot 2022-11-29 at 1.53.24 PM

  • Once you've set your TRIP to PUBLIC, you can click on the SHARE LINK button in the TRIP HEADER to get the PUBLIC LINK 

Screenshot 2022-11-29 at 2.43.00 PM


Need more help?

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