How-to: Set Up The Checkout Flow (Booking Style)

Do you prefer to have your Travelers pay their deposit immediately upon registering? If so, this is the Booking Style for you! Perfect for sending a booking link or integrating with your website.

PLANS: Included in our PRO, Venture, and Enterprise plans.
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What Checkout Flow looks like for your Travelers

Demo Checkout flow

All in one page with only the essential details that you configure as the Planner.

Checkout Flow Features

  • Travelers can register and pay in one step before showing the Trip Page
    • Travelers cannot just express interest using this flow (they must actually pay their deposit)
    • Great for eager travelers who don't need the Trip Page itinerary before booking
  • Accept Stripe payments (other gateways coming soon) & no-fee payment methods
  • Collect email & phone number from extra travelers
  • Select optional add-ons per Traveler
  • Selected packages pre-select the right number of travelers based on the minimum for the room
  • Headings use your primary brand color
  • Integrates with external deck plan selection

If you have this feature enabled, look for the Booking Style to select this flow

TIP: Checkout Flow can be set as the default during integration and changed per Trip. We recommend trying out each Booking Style to see which is best for your ideal customer experience.

How to change your Booking Style to Checkout Flow

  1. From your TRIP PAGE MENU, click on UPDATE TRIP > PRICING
  2. Make sure your TRIP is in BOOKINGS MODE
  3. Find the BOOKING STYLE (see below) and select CHECKOUT FLOW from the dropdown


Configure as Default Booking Style

Check under ACCOUNT -> SITE SETTINGS to set the default for all your new trips.

WARNING: This does NOT change the setting on existing trips.

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