How-to: Set Up Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Google is shutting down Universal Analytics in July 2023. So we have enabled the option to track your Trip Page traffic via GA4. Keep reading to learn how to ensure cross-domain tracking within the same stream.

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GA4 Data Streams - cross them today!

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NOTE: You can still track with Google Analytics UA until they turn it off in July 2023!

1. Set up your GA4 Data Stream Measurement ID

Depending on your situation, decide between these two options:

  1. Track your website and TRIP PAGE traffic in the same session
    • This is called "cross-domain tracking" and it's easy to do in GA4 by adding multiple domains to the same data stream

  2. Track your website and Trip Page traffic separately
  • Create a new data stream with the correct domain and use that MEASUREMENT ID in YouLi 
  • This is only recommended if most of your TRIP PAGE traffic comes from sources other than your website and you'd like to track the source to your Trip Pages (not to your website)

WARNING: this will create a new session when a user clicks from your website to your trip pages - thus inflating your session numbers

Find your streams under:

  1. GA4 Admin
  2. Property column
  3. Data Streams

Screenshot 2023-04-28 at 7.45.57 am


NOTE: We recommend using one stream for both your website and Trip Pages.

2. Configure your domains

  • Click into the stream, then scroll to CONFIGURE TAG SETTINGS

Screenshot 2023-05-17 103445




  • Enter your domains by clicking ADD CONDITION
  • Click SAVE

Screenshot 2023-05-17 09314545


Which domains should I add?

For standard Trip Pages or PRO+ Website, add:

Contains: Your website domain



NOTE: Exclude 'your website domain' if you only want to track activity on trip pages


If you have a white label domain (white-labeled Trip Pages), add:

Contains: Your website domain


Contains: Domain shown from the SHARE TRIP link  (Example:

Screenshot 2023-05-17 093145

3. Paste in your Measurement ID  (G-XXXXXXXX)

NOTE: You must be the Team Owner or Team Admin to change these settings. 

  • Copy the measurement ID from GA4
  • Paste it into the GA4 box in your YouLi account settings 
  • SAVE your changes



6. Create traffic on your Trip Pages and watch for it in your GA4 account (

  • Generate traffic by going to the Trip Page SHARE TRIP LINK or opening a Magic Link
  • Open GA4 and click to REPORTS > REAL TIME
  • You should see your recent activity populate here. 

WARNING: Preview As Registered will NOT show in Analytics (by design). So be sure to view a public Share Trip Link or use a Magic Link.

VIEW AS should not be tracked.


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