How-to: Per Trip Payment Gateway

Do you need to take payments on more than one gateway (Stripe or Square account)? Then you need the per trip payment gateway feature.

PLANS: Venture or Enterprise. Open a support ticket or chat to request access.

💸 When one Stripe or Square account is not enough 💳

Each payment gateway has its advantages, and sometimes it's good to use more than one.

  • Working with a partner on a trip where they should get paid directly? Connect their Stripe or Square account to JUST that trip.
  • Selling one trip in AUD and another in USD? Connect each trip to the right Stripe or Square account so you avoid the FX fees and settle into a bank account with the matching currency
  • Launching a few trips at the same time and need to spread the volume out over a few different gateway accounts? If you've had issues with gateways blocking or holding money due to spikes in transactions, you know what we mean. 

Watch video to learn how (Stripe Example)

Screenshot of a trip specific gateway successfully connected to a YouLi Trip:


Can I have more than one Stripe account per Company?

Yes! Stripe allows you to create many stripe accounts as long as you clearly identify the ownership.

Read More on Stripe

Connecting & Testing Square

There are some quirks with Square that you'll want to be aware of. Be sure to watch this video and review the How-to Connect Square article.


Q: I don't see the orange button to connect trip gateway


A: Then your account (or user role) does not have permission, open a support request.

Q: I can click to connect trip gateway, but I am prompted to login to YouLi when I finish authenticating with the gateway

A: Try logging into to connect the trip gateway, this should make the authentication process smoother and still applies to trips on WLD.

Q: When I disconnect the gateway from the trip, it disconnected that account from ALL my trips

A: There is a current known issue that disconnecting the payment gateway from one trip will remove from ALL trips and the account. You'll have to reconnect the ones that should remain connected. We are working on a fix.