How-to: Increase Facebook Ad ROI with post-booking redirect to track conversion rates

Do you invest in Facebook or Google Ads and need to track all the way to conversion? Redirect to a booking confirmation page to improve ROI with better Ad Conversion Tracking.

Do you do Facebook Ads? You NEED this ...

How does it work?

After booking via YouLi, if configured, the traveler will be redirected to a "Thank you" page to easily track your conversions from paid Ads (via Facebook, Google or any Ad platform).

Watch the Webinar

Watch the WEBINAR REPLAY with Chris Torres of Tourism Marketing Agency to learn more about why this feature matters. 

In this recording, Jen shows how it works with the embedded trips example shown here:


Why do you need this?

  1. Internet Privacy is a good thing, so governments have put pressure on Facebook to reduce cross-site tracking, which is a good thing, BUT...
  2. Your ads have likely become less effective, because Facebook (FB) cannot track when a click from a FB ad leads to a booking on a Trip Page (even with White Label Domain)

How does this help you?

If you are using Ads to drive traffic to your website and ultimately your YouLi trip pages:

  1. click to ACCOUNT
  2. click to SITE SETTINGS
  3. scroll down to "Bookings Redirect URL - for Improved Ad Tracking" 

and provide a "Booking Redirect" URL on your website that we can redirect your successful bookings to a page that confirms their booking to the traveler and to Facebook/Google.

This "success" URL or "Thank you" page must sit on the domain that you are tracking with Facebook/Google/etc for your ads. 

When configured, YouLi will redirect your successful (initial) booking via Checkout Flow OR Register to Pay to the provided URL hosted on your main website that allows you to add the right tracking and complete the loop with Facebook (and other ad tracking platforms).

WARNING: The URL must be on the domain of your website in order for the tracking to work. No sub-domains!

  • YouLi does not redirect for failed payments since it is best they are given the chance to try again.
  • The redirect only happens for the initial booking, not for any further payments on the booking

What should I put on the booking confirmation page?

The page you redirect to should instruct your new customer to check their email to get access to their traveler portal (Trip Page) and complete any required tasks or payments there. 

We recommend the page text to be something like:

"Thanks for booking with us, check your email to get access to your Trip Page where you can complete your pre-trip tasks, complete any outstanding payments and download the app for your travels. Click here to Find My Trip"

What's the downside?

The downside of this feature is that the customer breaks their flow and does not get immediately exposed to the options and tasks configured on the trip page.

However, if ads are a key part of your marketing strategy, this is probably worth it as you avoid spending money attempting to convert customers who have already converted AND Facebook/Google/etc will be able to better optimize their ad placement to acquire the kind of person who will book your trip.

An email confirmation on booking is always sent that drives them back to their personalized Trip Page, along with reminders and any SEND MESSAGE emails you send. So this isn't the only chance to engage your traveler after the booking.

YouLi cannot provide consulting on Ad campaigns, so we recommend finding a suitable agency (like TMA) and they will be aware of how to use this feature and help you determine the right URL.


If you are directing your ad traffic DIRECTLY to YouLi Trip Pages, there is NO need to add this redirect URL. That is because the initial domain is the same domain as the conversion, so the tracking will natively work.


This feature is in response to the call from Chris Torres at TMA to overcome the challenges faced by smaller operators who lose tracking by using a booking platform like YouLi.