How-to: Do not allow wire transfer on Deposit or Require Credit Card on deposit

If you have No-fee payment methods that don't go via your gateway, you might want to block those options on deposit. Use this setting to ensure you get your deposit right away.

On some plans, YouLi allows you to provide direct payment methods that don't go through a gateway. We call them No-Fee payment methods because we don't take a booking fee. Learn more

These are great options, but they don't provide immediate confirmation of payment, so it can take days to be sure the person actually paid for their booking. 

If you need to ensure that your spots are only held by people who pay the deposit immediately, then turn on this option

How-to enable

As a Team Owner or Admin:

  1. Click to Account
  2. Click to Payments
  3. Once you have connected your gateway
  4. Click on the option "On Deposit ONLY allow payment via Stripe" 
    1. This will show whatever gateway you are connected to, in this example, it is Stripe