How-to: Default country code for phone number

Improve the time it takes to complete your registration form - default the country code on the phone number to your country

☎️ Default Phone number country code in forms

  • In your Custom Profile and Registration Form, you can now set a default country code. 
  • This is quite helpful if most of your customers are from one country. 
  • Travelers can still select other country codes, but now the default should be the one they need! Too easy! (as the Aussies say)


Example: Phone number in Registration Form

This example is for the registration form, but the same idea applies to any custom form that has a phone number field type.

  1. From your dashboard, click the Trip you want to edit
  2. Click Manage Tasks & Forms on the left
  3. Click to EDIT the Profile & Registration Form
  4. Click the pencil next to the Phone Number Field
  5. Then simply choose a Country Code (Default)
    1. If you cannot edit - that means the form is locked because you have responses. Be sure to change on your new trips