How-to: Customize Your YouLi Registration Form

YouLi's default registration form is VERY simple - to reduce friction and gather emails quickly. But you can also add more fields to customize the Registration Form, as needed.

This feature was released to all premium users on July 13th!📆

AVAILABLE PLANS: Our premium plans - PRO, Crew, Venture, and Enterprise


What is this feature? 

See it in action!

First, look at this sample Custom Registration Form. Notice some new fields added to it?

Then, be sure to watch this 14-min introduction on what it can do & how to set it up

IMPORTANT: We only recommend adding a Profile & Registration (Task) to new Trips. This is due to most Planners already collecting information from Travelers that they'd like to add to their Profile & Registration via a Custom Form or other Tasks. You would need to migrate all of the information already collected yourself, so it's best to start out with this Task Type on a brand new trip where you haven't received any registrations.



A short history on YouLi Registration Forms - what they were & what they've become

What the standard Registration Form includes

  • At YouLi, we have always believed registration forms should be SHORT. This is because we believe you should capture minimal contact information before you lose them to the distractions of the internet.
  • That's why our registration forms (by default) only include:
    • first name
    • last name
    • email
    • phone number (optional)
    • an optional message.
  • However, we realize there are reasonable cases when a registration form should contain MORE than just those basic system fields.
  • In the past, we have told you to make a TASK and the Traveler can complete that after registration. 
  • Now, we are allowing you to create a special task of type "PROFILE & REGISTRATION FORM...."

And now, here are the possibilities with the new Custom Registration Form!

  • By creating a TASK with the REQUIRED RESPONSE TYPE "PROFILE & REGISTRATION FORM," you can configure:
  1. What information is collected on registration - supports both BOOKING STYLE methods
    1. Checkout Flow 
    2. Register to Pay
  2. What information makes up the Traveler "Profile"
  3. What information is required on the REGISTRATION FORM
  4. COMING SOON: What information is shown to other Travelers to enable more networking.



Do I need to add in Terms & Conditions as a field?

No, you do not need to add a field for Terms & Conditions, you should use these instructions to add, update, or remove Terms & Conditions from your Registration Form, whether you are using the standard Registration Form or the Profile & Registration Task. 


If I want my Travelers to fill out more information on their Profile after they have booked, how should I set up the Custom Registration Form?

Set those items as REQUIRED but do not add them to the REGISTRATION FORM itself. They will then show up under their INCOMPLETE TASKS.

How do I ensure my Traveler completes their Profile?

If you want them to complete their PROFILE, make sure you have REQUIRED items added (all others will default to OPTIONAL).

TIP: If you want it to be more obvious to your Travelers to fill out their Profile, you can set up your Task tab so that you show all Completed Tasks (so they aren't hidden by default). See how to do that here: How-to: Show Completed Tasks By Default.


Once I set up my Custom Registration Form, will it show on all of my Trip Pages?

  • Yes, once you set up a CUSTOM REGISTRATION FORM on your account it is on by default for all new TRIPS (unless you make a Trip from a TEMPLATE that doesn’t have a Custom Registration Form).
  • However, you'll need to open up the PROFILE & REGISTRATION FORM (TASK) to edit it to your liking (so it will not look the same, until you modify it to show as you want it to). 


Can I convert a Custom Form to a Profile & Registration?

  • While these are both TASK TYPES, you cannot convert a CUSTOM FORM (where you might already be collecting the information you want collected on your PROFILE & REGISTRATION.
  • So keep this in mind and if you already have a TRIP that has a CUSTOM FORM, we recommend not adding a PROFILE & REGISTRATION because you will need to migrate all of that information. 


What about other existing Tasks? Can I convert them to a Profile & Registration (Task Type)?

  • No, you cannot edit an existing TASK to become a PROFILE & REGISTRATION (Task)
  • So, if you're unable to create a new Task that is Profile & Registration, check to see if you have too many in your TRASH
    • If you do have too many in your Trash, you can reach out to YouLi Support to purge one (or some) for you (assuming they don't have responses)


Need more help? 

Reach out to the YouLi Support Team via the chat box at the bottom of your screen or submit a Support Ticket request. If you need more advanced support, schedule a 1:1 Consulting session with one of our experts, and we will walk through Traveler flow options & best practices.