How-to: Configure Trip Page Display Settings

Show last name first, completed tasks on Trip Page or block changes to task responses once completed

ACCOUNT -> Site Settings

Click to your Account and then Site Settings and scroll to the bottom to find this section:

Each option is detailed below.

These options apply to ALL trips.

Display Last Name First

Prefer to see the Last Name before the first name and sort by Last Name in the Trip CRM?

Simply check the option for "Display Last Name First"

Default to SHOW COMPLETED for tasks on Trip Page

Some people like their tasks to disappear when done, some prefer to see them done by still visible. Depending on what you think your travelers would prefer, use this option.

TIP: If you're not sure, remember that the traveler can always click to SHOW/HIDE completed tasks from the Trip Page

Block CHANGES to task responses on Trip Page


Sometimes it's nice to let your travelers come back and update their task responses - but sometimes it just means an admin nightmare for your team if the changes are made AFTER you've sent the information to your ground operator.

So if you need to ensure that changes don't surprise you, check this option and your travelers will only be able to complete the task response the first time, any changes after that will require you to make them on their behalf.

This applies to ALL trips.