How-to: Charge Your Client Any Amount Manually In YouLi

If you have permission from your Traveler to charge their credit card, or if they are calling and reading it to you over the phone (using our Pay by Phone option), then you can "Make a Charge" to your connected Stripe, Square or Cybersource account.

Why should I use the "Make a Charge" function in YouLi?

In the U.S. and Canada: Stripe is going to charge more for charges made by "manually entering a credit card" via their Dashboard.

Thankfully, YouLi is here to save you that extra expense. The extra fee will not apply for:

  • Travelers making payments via YouLi Trip Page
  • Travelers making payments via YouLi Checkout Flow
  • Planners making a charge via "Make a Charge" <--- NEW!

TIP: You also don't pay any fee (YouLi bookin fee or Stripe fee) if you use one of our no-fee direct payment methods!


Charge any amount to a Traveler with Make a Charge - for Stripe, Square & Cybersource

NOTE: We support Stripe, Square, and Cybersource for this feature

It's easy to make a charge, in just 3 steps!

  1. From your MENU, click on MANAGE PAYMENTS > MANAGE > MAKE A CHARGE Screen_Shot_2022-09-20_at_5.29.39_pm.png

  2. Enter the amount to charge the Traveler - this doesn't have to be the amount due or the total for the INSTALLMENT. So you can charge whatever they have approved you to charge! 💳✨


  3. Enter the Traveler's credit card details. 

WARNING: Securely enter it into the form. Never write it down or save it in YouLi PLANNER NOTES! This is extremely risky for your clients and prohibited by YouLi.