How-to: Categorize People on Trips or Events with Traveler Categories

Assigning a category to your customers can make it easier to manage - especially for events or large trips. This can be students and teachers or coaches and athletes or any type of category.

AVAILABLE PLANS: Categories are available on Venture and Enterprise plans. See pricing comparison

What is a Traveler Category?

TRAVELER CATEGORIES are a subset of the people on your TRIP or EVENT. You'll typically need at least 2 to make proper use of the feature.

For a Trip, some examples might be:

  • Group Leader
  • Teacher
  • Student
  • Adult
  • Child

For an event, some examples might be:

  • Speaker
  • Sponsor
  • Attendee
  • Staff


How to assign a Category?

  • If the feature is enabled on your account, you'll be able to configure your CATEGORIES for the whole account during onboarding.
  • Once set up, you can click EDIT on the TripCRM or from the TripBoard and pick from the CATEGORY dropdown for that person.



Using Category to limit Task and Itinerary Items to certain groups

  • Do you need to restrict certain ITINERARY or TASK ITEMS so that only some people can see them? 
  • For example, only Sponsors need to complete a certain form. Or only Adults can select an adventure ADD-ON.
  • Simply edit the item and go to the VISIBILITY section to select the category that should be able to see the item

NOTE: Don't see the option? Probably means categories are not on for your account.

HOT TIP: Show your Guides a special version of the itinerary

If you use Traveler Categories of:

  • Guide
  • Guest

Then you can show your Guides one version of the itinerary (with all the contact and address information) and a simpler version to your Guests - enough to excite them without being too specific.

How do Categories work with Meeting Blocks?

When MEETING BLOCKS are used for your event, people can be restricted to request and schedule meetings with each other only if they are in different CATEGORIES.


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