How-to: Allow Travelers To Pay Monthly, Custom Installments, Or Pay What They Can, And "Chip Away" At Their Balance

Not everyone can pay the balance due all at once, give your people options to pay at their own schedule up to the balance due date

What does "Chip Away" mean?

Not everyone is familiar with the phrase, and that's why we let you change the prompt on the Trip Page to be clear to your customers. 

But the phrase comes from the idea of slowly "chipping" off parts of a rock or piece of wood so that it becomes smaller. Usually done with a chisel.

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Use Cases

  • Traveler needs to pay a custom amount
  • Traveler needs to split a payment across two credit cards (make two payments to pay their installment)
  • Traveler has a friendly family member paying for only a portion of the trip
  • Traveler wants to pay a little bit each week
    • Or each month
    • Or each quarter
    • Let them set their own Installment Plan!

WARNING: Chip Away option only applies to booked people - so it will not appear on Checkout Flow or on the invoice before the person has made their first payment (the deposit).


How Chip Away works

How to set it up (once YouLi has enabled it for you!)

  1. From your TRIP PAGE MENU, either via MANAGE PEOPLE & REPORTS or MANAGE PAYMENTS, find your Traveler and click to view their TRIPBOARD
  2. Scroll to the PAYMENTS section and click the "ALLOW CHIP AWAY PAYMENTS FOR THIS BOOKING" checkbox to turn it on for the selected INVITATION GROUP/PERSON

What Chip Away will look like for your Traveler(s)

Ready to Enable 🍟Chip Away ✈️?

If you are on a plan that includes this feature, you'll see a new checkbox on the TripBoard under PAYMENTS.


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Don't see the option, but expect it: Contact us and we'll enable for you 


Include your preferences for the options below in the ticket:

Configuration options

  • Invoice prompt defaults to "Pay agreed chip away amount", but can be changed at account level
  • Minimum amount: defaults to $10, but can be changed at account level
  • On for all bookings (set at account level) OR only on for individual bookings (set on TripBoard)
REMEMBER: If the Chip Away minimum is greater than what the person owes, the Chip Away entry is not an option on the invoice, they just need to Pay in Full. 
For example, if you have your Chip Away minimum set to $200 and the Installment is $300, they can pay $200 on an Installment that is (over)due. But if they owe $150 on an Installment, the Traveler would need to pay the full $150 because the $200 minimum is higher.


Suggestions for Prompt - set at Account (across all your trips)

The default prompt for the Traveler (see screenshot above): "Pay the agreed upon chip away amount"

But you can change that. We've seen a lot of variations, here are some ideas:

  • Make a partial payment
  • Break up your installment into smaller chunks of $300 or more
  • Pay what you can (at least $100)

NOTE: If you aren't sure, leave it as default and get feedback from your Travelers, so you know how to phrase it to avoid confusion.


TIP: This feature is getting a lot of questions, so we have a Chip Away FAQ article that you should check out next!

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