How-to: Add Fees and Taxes to a Package

Do you need to add additional fees or taxes to a package? It's simple, just follow these few steps!

If you are a Team Owner or Team Admin you can turn on this feature. Once enabled, an option will appear for each package to see an amount to include as a line item on the Invoice for everyone who selects that Package.

Enable Fees & Taxes

  1. Click to Account
  2. Then Payments
  3. Scroll down to Trip Payment Settings
  4. Check the box "Enable Fees and Taxes on packages"
  5. Change the label to your preference. This applies to all Trips owned by this account.


How to Use Fees & Taxes

Now that you have it enabled, you can add it to your trips by editing your packages.

Leave it as 0 to exclude from the package.


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