How-to: Assign Different Packages to Travelers In The Same Invitation Group

Do you have Travelers who are in the same Invitation Group but booking different Packages?

Assigning Invitation Group members different Packages

You may have noticed when you change a Traveler's PACKAGE, it will change the Package for any other Travelers in their INVITATION GROUP


Maybe you have different prices for adults and kids, but you want to keep the family in the same group. Sometimes you might have a group decide they want different experiences but still want to manage their TRIP together. Whatever the reason, we have a solution for you!

How can I get around this?

Easy! Just follow the steps listed below for a simple workaround:

  1. Remove the Travelers who will be in a different PACKAGE from the group
  2. Add all Travelers to their correct PACKAGE
  3. Add Travelers back into the same INVITATION GROUP

CAUTION: If you change the Package again it will change the Package for all Travelers in the Invitation Group. Repeat the steps above if this happens.


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