How Do I Allow One Person To Pay For The Whole Group?

Sometimes you need more than an Invitation Group, where you have one person paying for an entire group going on a Trip or the majority of Travelers. There are two ways we suggest doing this. Read on for more details!


I work with schools and the school wants to pay for the 25 students all at once (in other words, we do not want to take separate payments from each student). The school wants to pay a bulk deposit, then a bulk remaining balance for all Travelers/students.

What is the best way to set this up in YouLi?


Well, you have 2 options to choose from! 

Option No. 1

Put the trip in BROCHURE MODE (so that payments aren't tracked in YouLi at all) and invoice your school directly (outside of YouLi).

Option No. 2

If that's not a viable option, in YouLi

1. Create a PACKAGE priced for the total cost of the 25 Travelers/students

2. When creating it, make it "HIDDEN FROM PUBLIC"

3. Assign it to the person who will pay (under MANAGE PEOPLE & REPORTS)

4. Finally, create a "Student" PACKAGE priced at $0
5. Assign all of the students who have been paid for to this $0 Package

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