How-to: Use "Find Trip" For Travelers to get Magic Link or Make an Account

A branded link for your Travelers to quickly find their Trips on YouLi. Scroll to the bottom for a 3-min video tutorial on how to use "Find Trip."

Share the Link

Every YouLi account gets a "Find Trip" link. You can find it by clicking the menu in the upper right corner and clicking to copy the "FIND TRIP" link


The link will look something like this by default:

White Label Domain links look like this, where the bold part would be your domain.

Where to share the link

We recommend sharing the link prominently on your website and in emails you send from your email marketing platform.

For example, you can see the link in the main menu on our demo website for Blue Horizon


Traveler Experience

Your travelers, when they click on the link are prompted to enter their email.


1. Get Access to their Trip

If the Traveler already has successfully accessed their Trip Page and has an authentication cookie on their browser, they will be prompted to access their trip right away.

This only works for the most recently accessed Trip. 


2. Get Magic Link emailed to them

If the Traveler doesn't have a recent cookie, they will be emailed their Magic Link so they can click from their email to access their Trip.

They will be told to check their email to check for the invitation. This only works for the most recent trip. If they have more than one, they are encouraged to sign up for an account.



3. Sign up to Make an Account

If they choose to "sign up", they will be taken to a page to make an account on YouLi.

You can share this link with Travelers who need to make an account:

White Label Domain version (replace the bold part with your WLD):

If you have White Label Domain, your logo will appear on this page so the Traveler know sthey are in the right place. If you'd like the YouLi logo to be replaced with yours, explore our Platform White Label option.

This also allows them to Save a Card if you have enabled this feature.


4. Login to Existing Traveler Account

If they already have an account for that email they will be prompted to login.


Once logged in, they will see all their trips on their Dashboard under "I'm Attending"



Find My Trip - A quick tutorial for Planners - Watch Video


Need more help?

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