Can I Apply a Payment to More Than One Invitation Group Members But Not All Group Members

When you make a payment on an Invitation Group, you will have the option for the payment to apply to all Travelers in that group or only one Traveler in the group. What if you only want to apply it to some?

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NOTE: This article offers a workaround for applying different payments to Invitation Group members before those members make a payment.

If those Invitation Group members have already made a payment and want to reallocated differently, take a look at this help article: A Traveler Left Their Invitation Group - How Do I Reallocate Payments?


Can I only apply a payment to certain Invitation Group members?

No, when a payment is made for an INVITATION GROUP, the payment will always be split across the group evenly.


Is there a workaround?

EXAMPLE: This could come in handy if one of the Travelers in a group has Personalized Pricing enabled and they are paying a higher amount than the other group members.

With a few tricks and some extra steps, this is possible. Let's say you have a group with 4 Travelers and only want the payment to apply to 2 Travelers. Follow the steps below, and you will be good to go:

  1. Remove the two Travelers whom you want to apply the payment to from the INVITATION GROUP

NOTE: This first step is assuming they are in an Invitation Group to begin with.

2.    Add those two Travelers to a new Invitation Group

3.    Apply a manual payment to the two Travelers' new Invitation to Group

4.    Remove the Travelers from their new group and add them back to the original Invitation Group

Now the payment will only be allocated to those two Travelers, but they will still be in a group with the other two Travelers.

CAUTION: Remember that any additional payments you make will apply across the entire group. 


Need more help? 

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