Ecommerce tracking in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) - Register to Pay only

Want to know what channels drive the most bookings? Especially if using Google Ads? Ecommerce tracking is the way to go.

Why do I need this?

You can already see how much money you've made in Manage Payments, but ecommerce tracking gives you insight into where those people came from so you can balance your marketing spend.

A: Google Analytics with Ecommerce tracking enabled

The E-commerce purchases report under the Monetization section might be the most useful report of all. YouLi can pass information about your conversions to Google Analytics for further analysis.

This report shows you what visitors buy on your trip pages, including:

  • What trips they purchased for how many people
  • What packages were viewed and purchased
  • The time to purchase or number of days to complete the payment from the first time they viewing the Trip Page

The Attribution reports under the Advertising section may feel overwhelming, but once you have e-commerce data flowing in, you can use it to understand the bigger picture of your customer’s journey to purchase. Specifically, which acquisition sources produce the most booking revenue.

Marketing attribution becomes more important as you spend more money on marketing  and you add more channels. Use it to know which marketing dollars are doing the best and how your various campaigns work together to generate traffic and ultimately bookings.

AVAILABLE PLANS: This add-on is available for PRO and above. Open a chat to request pricing.

This is currently only available for "Register to Pay" Booking Style. Support for Checkout Flow coming soon (7699)