Custom Trip Reports - What data do you need per Trip?

These reports are custom defined during integration so your team is always in sync with the real-time data in the format they need.

AVAILABLE ON: Venture (Annual), Enterprise plans

Contact YouLi's Sales Team to get Custom Trip Reports activated in your account.

This feature is for you if you have specific requirements for the kind of data you want to pull at the trip level. This could be a special rooming list, it could be a view of all your pending payments group by invitation group. 

If this is getting your data imagination flowing (and you have the budget), then this feature IS for you!

Where can I find Custom Trip Reports?

  1. Enter into any trip
  2. Click the MANAGE PEOPLE & REPORTS icon on the left
  3. Click the REPORTS tab

Why can't I just pull these dynamically?

You can get all the data that's available in Custom Trip Reports via the UI, it just may be scattered, not aggregated the way you want or have too many columns.

Custom Trip Reports allow you to decide exactly which columns are included and how they are aggregated and filtered. 

How many can I have?

There's no limit on the number of Custom Trip Reports that can be defined. There is a fee for scoping (we consult with you to determine the right reports) and then a maintenance fee annually depending on the number of reports you choose to install.

Example Custom Reports

Airport Manifest

Use a report like this be sure your group leader knows who will be at the airport.
    • Filter by: "Booked & Fully Paid"
    • Fields: Name, Email, Phone Number While Traveling, Passport Number, Arrival Flight Number, Arrival Date, Arrival Time 
    • Order by: Room


Use a report like this to chase leads who should convert. Download and send to your sales team or load into your CRM. Real time version available in YouLi if they have a team member account.
    • Filter by: "Not Booked"
    • Fields: Name, Email, Phone Number, Last Viewed Trip Page 
    • Order by: Last Name

Rooming Report

Use a report to send to the hotel so they know how many rooms to allocate and who is rooming with who

    • Filter by: "Booked"
    • Aggregated by: Package Name OR by Room
      • Includes a count by package
      • Or a count by Room
    • Fields: Name, Email, Room Number, Dietary Requirements
    • Order by: Last Name

Watch this video for example:


Filter Options

Decide which people on the trip should be included in the report:

  • Not Booked
    • Registered, but no payments made
      • works well for Brochure trips
      • See how many are interested but have not paid (also available under Manage Payments)
  •  Booked
    • No Payment Required
    • Pending
    • Booked & Fully Paid
    • Booked & Owing (partially paid)
      • Includes any "Pending"
  • Canceled
    • aka Declined
  • Refunded

Field Options

  • Any field you can see on the TripBoard
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email
    • Phone number
    • Planner Notes
    • Room
    • etc
  • A field for any optional item / add-on
    • Add a field that indicates the travelers' response to an optional itinerary item OR paid add-on
    • Great for airport transfers
  • Any field defined in a task
    • Passport Number
    • T-Shirt Size
  • Pricing (excludes credit card and refund protect surcharges)
    • Total Price
    • Amount Paid
    • Amount Owing

Order By

Only certain columns can by used to sort the report. 


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