Collect Payments via Payment Gateway (Credit Cards+)

Take payments via credit card using Stripe (or optionally other payment gateways like Square or Easily pass on the fees.



More than Credit Cards - Additional Payment Methods via Stripe

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Pass on Surcharge (and YouLi fees)

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Advanced: Connect a Different Gateway per Trip

PLANS: Venture and Enterprise

  • Do you own multiple gateway accounts?
  • Do you sometimes work with suppliers that should be paid directly?



Advanced: Other Gateways

PLANS: Venture and Enterprise

  • Are you having trouble with Stripe holding your funds?
  • Do you get a better rate through your bank via

Every payment gateway provides different features and prices. All of these gateways allow your travelers to pay via Credit Card.

Each of them have different fraud rules, holding policies, and fees. Be sure to contact the gateways to find out which one is right for you. Then let us know which one you prefer.

  • Stripe - our default, available on all accounts
  • Square - available on Venture and above
  • - available on Enterprise
  • Cybersource - available on Enterprise