Catchup Payments - How to Ensure All Overdue Payments Are Required

Installments make it easy to allow your Travelers to pay over time. Catchup Payments make it easy for them to "Catch Up" when they have fallen behind.

Whether you are using the CHECKOUT FLOW or REGISTER TO PAY, "CATCHUP" PAYMENTS automatically ensure your Travelers are paying any overdue payments in addition to any payments due soon.

Includes Any Due Soon Payments

  • By default, the CATCHUP PAYMENTS will include any upcoming payment that is due within 7 days. This is because reminders for payments start being sent 7 days before the payment is due.

NOTE: Since reminders are sent 7 days before due, it's reasonable that your Traveler would expect to be able to pay the payment that is due soon along with any overdue payments.

  • In the example below there are 3 overdue payments and one that is due soon.
  • The date when the INVOICE was viewed was October 8th, so the payment due on October 10 is due within 7 days and is therefore included in the AMOUNT TO BE PAID.

catchup payments - including due soon - annotated


Exclude Due Soon Payments

If you have a situation where Travelers typically do not want to pay 7 days early, perhaps if they are budget -conscious, then you can disable that feature and instead choose to "Exclude Due Soon payments in Catchup payments."

Example of Excluding Catchup Payments

When this option is selected (see below for how to set it up), the same example from above will look like this. Note that the AMOUNT TO BE PAID is $400 instead of $550 since it does not include the "Due Soon" INSTALLMENT of $150.

catchup payments - excluding due soon


How to exclude Due Soon from Catchup Payments from your Account

  1. As a Team Owner or Team Admin: Go to ACCOUNT
  2. Click the PAYMENTS tab
  3. Scroll down to the Catchup Payments option and check the option to "Exclude Due Soon"

exclude due soon installments in catchup payments



If "Due Soon" payments are excluded - can a Traveler still pay a "Due Soon" Installment if they want to?

Yes! If they have any overdue payments, they will have to make a payment to complete those and then they can pay any "Due Soon" payments as a second step.


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