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Can I migrate data to YouLi?

Yes! This article outlines your options to do this on your own or consult with us to do an automated custom migration depending on the scale of the data you need to migrate.

Data Migration details

WARNING: Never email the YouLi team files with customer data in them. If you need to provide sample files or customer data files, our Support Team will be in touch to establish a secure method.

  • It's easy to get started with YouLi, but if you already have trips running on another platform, you might need to consider a "data migration."
  • If you only have a few trips, we recommend just making the time and handling this by hand through the UI.
  • If you have more than 5 trips, we understand that it is probably worth considering a custom data migration with YouLi's help (fees apply).
  • Read on to learn more about how to consider your data migration needs!


Ready to migrate your data?

First, determine the amount of data to migrate, by asking yourself which of the following do you need to be migrated to YouLi?

NOTE: Read through each option and our recommendations for whether you do it yourself or request a custom migration.

      1. Load a list of people (keyed by email) to a single pricing package

    • This can be done for simple data via our Bulk Upload tool
    • Are there people without email addresses?
    • Are there Invitation groups? (more than one person per booking)
    • What data needs to be loaded for each person, examples below
      1. Passport number, expiration, etc
      2. Waivers documents
      3. Profile information, like dietary requirements, date of birth

    2. Upload add-ons + coupons - sometimes this can be avoided with personalized prices

    1. Do you have extras you need to track seperately
    2. Do you have applied coupons

    3. Itinerary content - generally we recommend migrating by hand

    1. Name & Text descriptions for each day/activity
    2. Image files

    4. Trip meta data - generally we recommend migrating by hand, but we can run CreateTrip automations if the data is very clean

    1. Name
    2. Departure dates
    3. etc


Custom Data Migration supported by YouLi

Ready to get started with YouLi to help you migrate? This is what you should expect. Fees apply. Open a Support Ticket for more information.

  1. YouLi will review the data that will be migrated (from your answers above)
  2. YouLi supports you to create the first trip that can support those data requirements
  3. That first real trip will be migrated as a test to verify that the setup is correct
  4. Once that goes live - you will use it to create the template for all other trips
  5. Then the automated migration can be run based on the requirements gathered for the remainder of the trips

Need more help? 

YouLi offers 1:1 Advanced Consulting sessions via Zoom. During those calls we can give you valuable tech advice on implementation and/or set up integrations that empower your business. Book here.