Apple Pay - via Stripe

Apple Pay is one of the many methods Stripe supports. Enable it to offer to your clients.

If your account wasn't connected when Apple Pay was rolled out, then you'll need to take some extra steps.

  1. Confirm you have Apple Pay as ACTIVE under payment methods in Stripe
    1. Log into Stripe, switch to the account connected to YouLi
    2. Go to your Payment Methods
    3. Select YouLi in the "Select platform" dropdownstripe-payment-methods-platform-youli
    4. Scroll down to Wallets and click ON next to Apple Paystripe-payment-methods-wallet-apple-pay
  2. Log into YouLi
    1. Go to Accounts -> Payments
    2. Click "Add Apple Pay Domain"apple-pay-add-domain-button
  3. Test on a safari browser on a device with valid cards in the linked Apple Wallet, you should see it as an option next to Card, like this:


If you don't see this option, please confirm:

  1. Your device is logged into an iCloud account
  2. The iCloud account has a valid card in the Wallet
  3. You are using a Safari browser

If those are all true, please open a ticket to get more help.