New Features 1.137 - Planner Make a Charge using Stripe & Become a Transformational Ally

Make a Charge with Stripe & Square, Become a transformational ally and give your travelers a better experience.


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✈️ Lower your transaction fees with VENTURE 

We are growing with our clients, it's amazing to see the increase in bookings and itineraries!

To reduce your booking fees to 0%, you can speak to Sales about Enterprise, but if you're not ready for that level, then maybe VENTURE is the right next step. Lower your YouLi booking fee to .5% and unlock more team members.

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Stripe doesn't like manual charges - but YouLi does!

If you have been given permission by your client to enter their card, or if they are calling and reading it to you over the phone (using our Pay by Phone option), then you can now "Make a Charge" to your connected Stripe account.

Did you know? In the US and Canada: Stripe is going to charge more for charges made by "manually entering a credit card" via their Dashboard.

But thankfully YouLi is here to save you that extra expense. The extra fee will not apply for:

  • Travelers making payments via YouLi Trip Page
  • Travelers making payments via YouLi Checkout Flow
  • ✨ NEW: Planners making a charge via "Make a Charge" ✨


You also don't pay ANY fee (YouLi Booking Fee or Stripe fee) if you use one of our NO-FEE payment methods.

Charge ANY amount to a Traveler with Make a Charge - for Stripe, Square & Cybersource

We now support Stripe, Square and Cybersource for this feature.
It's EASY to MAKE A CHARGE (1, 2, 3...)

  1. Manage Payments -> MANAGE -> Make a ChargeScreen_Shot_2022-09-20_at_5.29.39_pm.png

  2. Enter the amount to charge - this doesn't have to be the amount due or the total for the installment. So you can charge whatever they have approved!


  3. Enter the traveler's credit card details - securely enter it in the form (never write it down or save in YouLi planner notes!)


Become a Transformational Travel Ally - Start your Hero's Journey

Are you ready to change the way we travel by creating transformational travel experiences?

Learn more about the Transformational Travel Council (TTC), and then join to become an Ally

The TTC Allyship community platform is powered by YouLi, allowing you to manage your profile, connect with your fellow Allies and promote your business on the TTC website along with your YouLi hosted trips.

Better Traveler Experience for FIND YOUR TRIP

Now when a traveler is looking for a trip but cannot find one, instead of being prompted to make an account, they are shown an error (see below).

Did you know that YouLi offers a FIND YOUR TRIP link that you can embed on your website so travelers can find their trip anytime? Find it under your menu and copy the FIND TRIP link.


The FIND TRIP page will have your branding

See example below in the screenshot demonstrating the case where the traveler's email was not found on a trip. 


❤️ Travelers can create YouLi accounts (without a link from an invitation)

We have seen an increase in the number of Travelers creating trips, so we decided to expand this feature.

When a traveler IS found on a trip, they are sent a magic link. They can access their trip with that link so they do NOT need to make a YouLi account, this will continue to be true.

HOWEVER, sometimes people like to have a username/password and a dashboard with all their trips. 

Now they can signup any time as a traveler, not just from a trip invitation email.

When signing up, then can choose "I am a Traveler"


They will then see "MY TRAVEL" on their dashboard with a link to all their trips.

See this example message from FIND YOUR TRIP when a trip is found, including the option to "sign up" which directs your travelers to create an account if they wish.


Manage Billing - change your payment method + see your invoices

Tired of opening a support request to change your payment method to pay for your YouLi subscription? Us too! 

Now you can self-service under Account->User Profile->Manage Billing



DID YOU MISS THIS? ?? GA4 Data Streams - cross them today!

Google is shutting down Universal Analytics in July 2023. Why should you care?

So we have enabled the option to track your Trip Page traffic via GA4. Keep reading to learn how to ensure cross-domain tracking within the same stream.

(You can still track with Google Analytics UA until they turn it off in 2023)

Bug Fixes & Enhancements

  • Do not show failed credit card transactions on the Trip Page for Cybersource connected trips - thanks to Yirel for reporting the need to hide these
  • OOPS! Some Stripe transactions did not save the fees to YouLi, so they are not visible in Payments or in Xero push. This has been fixed going forward, if you have missing fees, open a  ticket so we can restore your missing fees.


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