New Features - Release 1.135 - Get on a first name basis with larger fonts and better Stripe integration

Accessible font size on Trip Pages & Stripe Integration upgrade including Google Pay

YouLi - Powering Group Travel (Payments)


πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ First Name can now be used to personalize email messages

We've heard this from more people than we can name here - and you were all RIGHT!

  • It makes more sense to personalize with First Name than Full Name, by default. So we have changed that for SEND INVITATION.
  • Automated Reminder subject lines have also changed:
    • [InviteeFirstName], you have a task due SOON for [Trip Name]
    • [InviteeFirstName], you have a payment OVERDUE for [Trip Name]
  • We have also made it possible for you to use [InviteeFirstName], [InviteeLastName], or [InviteeFullname] in any subject line or message you email to your people from YouLi.
    • Try it out! (see screenshot below)


😎😎 Increased default font size on Trip Page 

Ever felt like the text on the trip pages was just a bit too hard to read? Well, our new UX designer, Michelle, thought so too. So now we have increased it from 12px or 14px to 16px.

Thanks to Rod from Shikoku tours for helping us confirm the value of this change.


We also added underlines on links to make them more obvious!

COMING SOON: Option to set the link color to your brand color

πŸ’°πŸ’°Stripe Payment Upgrade

Using Stripe with YouLi? Then you'll recognize this old style popup for accepting credit card payments:




As of this release, you'll now see a branded popup that looks more like this:


Everything else is the same - mostly. 

You might find more "incomplete" payments in your Stripe dashboard, those are people who opened the dialog but didn't finish the payment. It's a bit messier than before, but nothing to worry about, it's just extra information about people who started but didn't finish the process. 

Why does this matter?

Well, it means we are now using the latest Stripe integration, which is good for many reasons.

1. It makes it possible in the future for us to expose "Make a Charge" to Stripe Planners and schedule automated charges per the installment plan (long time coming!).

2. Another good reason: it puts us on the path to enabling a whole new set of payment methods via Stripe:

  • Direct Debit (AU)
  • ACH (US)
  • Apply Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Afterpay (and other buy now pay later options)
  • and many more ...

If you're interested in being part of our testing for these new methods, contact support and let us know which method you're keen to accept.

πŸ€– Google Pay - Available NOW

We were able to release support for Google Pay. Whew!

It automatically appears when your traveler can use it. Like MAGIC! 

πŸ’Έ ALSO MAGIC: You pay no additional fees, it is the same as the credit card fees for your account

It will ONLY appear if:

  • Your traveler is accessing the trip page with:
    • A Chrome browser (mobile or desktop)
    • Logged into their Google Pay account
    • Active Credit Cards


Failed Payments now show on Trip Page (not receipts)

As part of this upgrade, we are now showing any failed attempts at payments in the Trip Page invoice (as shown in the screenshot). This is likely to be revised in future, so stay tuned for adjustments. This has been added to ensure that if the last payment failed, it is clear to the traveler.

NOTE: The failed payments are NOT included in the receipt that is sent from the TripBoard or from the Trip Page when clicking the envelope icon.




ALL Plans: Stripe and YouLi Booking Fees apply

Need a cost effective way to start taking payments with 0% YouLi booking fee?
Upgrade to PRO to unlock 4 "No-Fee" direct payment options.

Want to reduce your YouLi Booking Fee to 0% for Credit Cards too?
Book a sales call to learn more

πŸ…±οΈπŸ…° NEW OPTION: Billing Address be collected for Stripe and Square 

Previously we only collected billing address for Cybersource and 

We recognize that while billing address is not typically required by Stripe and Square, your business might choose to collect this information anyway.

WARNING: It can reduce conversion rate, so be sure you truly need it before requesting.

If you need this option enabled, open a support request - or raise it during your integration calls.

See screenshot below for how it will appear if enabled.


🀩🀩Checkout Flow now works with Square and Cybersource

Checkout Flow is a great way to replace your clunky e-commerce checkout plugin on your website.

Now it works with 3 of our payment gateways: Stripe, Square and Cybersource. is not yet supported

Need Checkout Flow? Book in a sales call to learn more

🌍🌍  Custom Trip Reports

You decide what data is included in the printable and data versions. 

Critical for large teams.



ENTERPRISE ONLY feature - book in a sales call to learn more

πŸ‘‰πŸ§πŸ‘ˆπŸΎ Bug Fixes & Enhancements

    • Square charge description is no longer limited to 60 characters - yay, more details!
    • Date picker in mobile task response was being blocked by keyboard - thanks to Danielle @ WHOA travel for reporting
    • Removed old references to "Your Shop"
    • We will now fail a payment if last name is not provided for a refundable booking
    • We fixed the view to scroll to the confirmed payment when it is successful - but it only works for SOME payments - see if you're a winner!


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