New Features - Release 1.133 - WHOA! New login + TTC Profiles + Custom Trip Reports

New login style. Community Login launched. Custom Trip Reports for Enterprise customers

YouLi - Powering Group Travel


🤩🤩 Shiney ... new Login & Account Settings!



🙌 For those clients with White Label Domain, your logo will now appear on the login, letting your co-planners and travelers know they are in the right place when they login/make an account.

Applies to ALL PLANS + Communities


🤩🌟  New Account Settings 

Our old look was just not working anymore, welcome to the new and improved Account where you can manage your profile, your community memberships and your site settings.



Applies to ALL PLANS + Communities

🌟🌟  Edit Community Profiles - Transformational Travel Council 

YouLi and TTC are collaborating to create a platform for travel professionals to find each other and grow their businesses through real-life connections around a belief that travel has the power to change the world.

EXPLORE the Ally Directory - discover a potential partner today! 

HOT TIP: Log in to to push your profile to the top - the most active members sort first!

If you are an Ally, you'll hear from us soon and see your brand new profile appear, including your public + listed trips.


JOIN: Renew your Business Allyship to get your profile published. Learn more about Allyship.

Interested in managing your own community on YouLi?

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😊🥹 Trip CRM - same feature, new name! (and it's the new default)

Have you ever found yourself clicking extra to get to the list of your people? Us too!! So now you will go to the "Trip CRM" by default when you click from the Dashboard onto a trip.

We've added a new tab "Trip CRM" to distinguish this familiar view from the NEW Custom Trip Reports (see below)



Psst...yes, we did move the activity feed down, because we felt like it wasn't the most important area of the trip. If you agree OR disagree, please let us know in the facebook group.


🌍🖨 Print Itinerary to PDF from Trip Page

Did you know? You can create a nice PDF from your itinerary from the Trip Page. Just click to Print when viewing the Itinerary and then "Save as PDF".

We have cleaned up the style of his version, we think you'll like the clean new look.

Try it and let us know in the facebook group.

Applies to ALL PLANS


🌍💰  Manage Payments - Download and Print


Have you ever wanted to download the data from Manage Payments into Excel or Sheets? NOW YOU CAN!

Have you ever wanted to print the report so you can send to the people who manage the money? NOW YOU CAN!

  1. Click to Manage Payments
  2. Click Download CSV or PRINT
  3. Be Happy!
Applies to ALL PLANS


🌍🌍  Custom Trip Reports - Download and Print just the data you want on your trips.

Shhhh, this is a secret. If you know the password, then maybe this feature is for you.


This feature is for you if you have specific requirements for the kind of data you want to pull at the trip level. This could be a special rooming list, it could be a view of all your pending payments group by invitation group. 

If this is getting your data imagination flowing (and you have the budget), then this feature IS for you!

If you love data, learn more about custom trip reports.


ENTERPRISE ONLY feature - book in a sales call to learn more


🌍🌍  Global Bookings Report - Enhanced EVEN MORE

Travel is back and you're drowning in bookings, congratulations!
We've added a new report to get on top of ALL your bookings across ALL trips.

This is part of our ENTERPRISE Reporting Suite, but for a limited time, we are inviting our community members to request access in exchange for feedback and testimonials. Be sure to join our FB Group and watch for the invite.

NOW with added features:

  • Send Message to booked travelers
  • Export to CSV
  • Print or save as PDF
  • Main Contact will show if different than Trip Owner - great for larger agencies!
  • Show Summary by Trip - great to see how your marketing is doing!
    • Now with bookings & people & a total


ENTERPRISE ONLY feature - book in a sales call to learn more


🛒 🛒 DID YOU MISS LAST TIME? Checkout Flow - Limited Release

Our first phase of the much anticipated "Checkout Flow" is now available.

--> Ready to replace your e-commerce checkout? REGISTER FOR OUR WEBINAR 






  • Travelers can Register & Pay in one step before showing the Trip Page
    • NOTE: travelers cannot express interest using this flow
    • Great for eager travelers who don't need the Trip Page itinerary before booking
  • Accept Stripe payments (other gateways coming soon) & no-fee payment methods
  • Collect email & phone number from extra travelers
  • Select optional add-ons per traveler
  • Selected packages pre-select the right number of travelers based on the minimum for the room
  • Headings use YOUR primary brand color
  • Integrates with external deck plan selection

If you have this feature turned on, look for the new BOOKING STYLE when setting pricing:

Checkout Flow can be set as the default during integration and change per Trip. Test out each flow to see which is best for your ideal customer experience.


Don't see it?

This is an ENTERPRISE feature - book in a sales call to learn more


👉🧐👈🏾 Bug Fixes & Enhancements

    • Reference Code was not being populated for members of an invitation group, so their invoice did not display properly when another person in their group paid. FIXED


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