How-to: Implement QuickBooks Automation Using Zapier

Youli makes it easy for you to connect with QuickBooks using Zapier. Create a Zap and ensure you never miss logging a payment in QuickBooks!

IMPORTANT: We recorded a demo video that we recommend watching before you get started connecting YouLi & Zapier.

Get Started: Set up your Zapier account

If you don't have an account, create one

  • Create a Zapier account: Creating Your Account
  • Zapier does have a free account level, but they charge depending on how many "Zaps" you need. Go to their pricing page to determine what account level you require for this automation.

Practice setting up your first Zap!

Read our help article on creating your first Zap for a simple introduction.

Create the Zap to connect YouLi + QuickBooks

  • Make sure you watch the video above and follow the steps to create your Zap.
  • We recommend sharing it with your QuickBooks expert, and they can determine what information you need to send to QuickBooks. I share two examples discussed in the video below; you can click on the examples below to start creating your Zap.
  • Remember, these are just samples, they MUST be modified to fit your needs. Templates in Zapier do not allow paths, but if you have that feature, you can do more powerful automations.
    • SIMPLE EXAMPLE - create customer, create invoice and create payment
    • LINE ITEM EXAMPLE - the invoice in this example has multiple line items including fees coming from Stripe payments


TIP: Your individual needs for your business will determine what Zapier account level you need and what example is best for you to start with. Consult your QuickBooks expert when deciding what information you need to track in QuickBooks.

If you need assistance setting up your Zap, we offer personalized Zapier consulting


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