How-to: Change Your Account Email

Do you need to update your email address? No worries. YouLi travel platform is flexible and adjusts to your journey as a Trip Planner.

NOTE: Changing your account email is easy! Just make sure the email is not already attached to another YouLi account. If you have used this email to create another YouLi account, or you used it when adding a Team Member/Co-Planner, you can learn more here.


  1. Log in to your YouLi account
  2. Click on HELLO [YOUR NAME] > ACCOUNT in the top right

    Screenshot 2022-07-21 103913

  3. Under USER PROFILE > LOGIN EMAIL, input the new email address

Need more help? 

We continuously add YouTube video tutorials that support your journey. If you didn't find your answer, type in your question in a chat box at the bottom of your screen. If we are LIVE, one of our team experts will be there to answer. Otherwise, you will receive an email with the response.